Sunday, November 30, 2014

Russophobia and Nationalism, the Tinder to Ignite WW III

Ukrainians, we are to understand, hate the Russkies. Why? Well, so we are now being told, it is because Stalin, who was in fact a native of Georgia, not Russia, killed so many of them, intellectuals and peasants alike: the Holodomor, the forced labor, the Gulag, etc.

But in fact, this rather ancient history seems to have little to do with it. Rather, Russophobia in Ukraine seems to be an extremely recent phenomenon. Thus, for example, in 2010, a Pew Trust survey found a large majority of Ukrainians believed that they had been better off under the Soviet Union, i.e., under Russian domination, than under the post-Soviet "free enterprise" regime.

So what has changed since then? It appears that hatred of Russians in Ukraine, so far as it exists widely, must be the result of deliberate political actions of those under Anglo-Zionist influence, for example the Chatham House, US State Department, and NATO tool, Arse Yatsenyuk, who has referred to Ukraine's ethnic Russians as "subhuman." Newly elected Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has used the same language. Then there's the former Prime Minister, ex-convict and recent Presidential candidate Julia Tymoshenko lusting to machine-gun Russians in person, or better still, nuke them.

This raises the question, why is the US — supported by their EU puppets, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande, etc. — sponsoring Russophobia in the name fascist nationalism?

The answer is suggested by what is happening throughout the EU. The European peoples have been the target of a benign genocide, involving suppression of the fertility of the indigenous people through mass killing of the unborn, school sex ed in the arts of non-reproductive sex, combined with mass immigration and legally enforced multi-culturalism, the result being the progressive elimination and replacement of the indigenous people and their culture.

This elite enforced destruction of the peoples of Europe is understood and furiously resented by the great majority of the people. Only liberal idiots and criminal opportunists support the program.

So what has been the result? A massive resurgence of nationalism throughout Europe, Golden Dawn, the Front Nationale, UKIP, Podemos, etc. Something similar may be about to happen in the US too, where Euro-Americans will soon be a minority in the nation they ancestors founded.

So how does the elite proceed from here? Easy: once the nationalists are in power, convert them to a program of Nazi-style ethnic cleansing, but on a scale only dreamned of by the most rabid Nazis.

And there you are: the Nazis ready for a second round with the totalitarian Russkies. Europe once again to self-destruct. The US of Aggression to pick up the pieces, including this time, the pieces of Russia.

Next stop: China.


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