Saturday, November 22, 2014

How Canada's Government Came to Love Ethnic Cleansers Wearing Swastikas

Canada's Foreign Minister, John Baird. 
Currently working feverishly, according to the CBC, in preparation to bomb Syria, while continuing a bombing mission without regard for the death of civilians in Iraq, John Baird nevertheless took time from his busy schedule to pen a diatribe for the (Toronto) Star against Vladimir Putin for his "aggression" in Ukraine (reader comments worth noting).

Russia, claims Baird, is guilty of murderous aggression in the Ukraine that has cost an estimated 4000 lives. But in fact, all that Russia has so far done is allow volunteer fighters and gifts of arms and ammunition to flow across the border with Ukraine in support of the self-defence forces of the people of Eastern Ukraine, ethnic Russians threatened with extermination by their own government.

Such action by Russia was thus not aggression but the most minimal response Putin could have made to the political necessity of defending Russians in what was formerly a part of Russia: Russians who have been described by both Poroshenko and his Prime Minister, the globalist tool, Arse Yatsenyuk, as "subhumans;" and against whom Poroshenko has sent "punitive" forces wearing Nazi insignia, including the swastica (and here) and the wolfsangel — forces that have used artillery and ballistic missiles against civilian targets in Eastern Ukraine, creating a million refugees and thousands of civilian deaths and injuries.

But Canada, undeterred in its full and enthusiastic support for President Poroshenko and his campaign for the ethnic cleansing of Eastern Ukraine, yesterday voted with the US against a resolution of the UN General Assembly urging "more efficient measures to struggle against the glorification of Nazism and other forms of racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance." The motion passed easily with 115 votes out of 193, with only three votes against: Canada, the US and Paulau (the US dependency of. Population: 21,000). This naturally, has not been reported in the Toronto Star, or any other Government or commercial Canadian news source, or anywhere else in the Western mainstream media.

But apparently the Harper government does not represent all Canadian opinion. Here are some comments by readers of the Star with reference to Baird's paeon of praise to the Kiev Fascisti:
As for the Ukraine government - a puppet government there is no doubt - they have murdered innocent people in their thousands, using ballistic missiles, illegal incendiary and cluster bombs and heavy artillery...

Canada needs to ignore the campaign of disinformation found in our concentrated and shameless "media." The democratically elected gov't of the Ukraine was overthrown due to Western NGOs. They spent five billion dollars to incite rioting and violence and then installed a puppet of NATO to do their bidding.

John Baird and the conservative party have changed Canada's Foreign policy from peace keeping to support for right wing US policies of intervention. Canada was a leader in the world because of our support for UN peacekeeping and independent and fair approach to regional conflicts. We have now become a supporter of right wing policies that include military interventions around the globe.

NATO has become a terrorist organization, therefore by extension so has Canada, making Canada's politicians terrorists and war criminals....
and Norther Cynic asks:
I have only one real question: who did leatherlungs Baird get to write this op-ed for him?
To which PatrickL amusingly replied:
Maybe that slithering snake David Frum. He'll say anything from the heart, if you pay him.
And summing things up pretty well, Alex Green comments:
The revolution in Ukraine was hijacked by corrupt billionaire oligarchs. The next order of business is to implement the "EU alignment agreement" that will see the country's riches (land, coal mines, gas deposits, strategic factories) put up for auction/takeover by the multinational conglomerates in exchange for billions in IMF loans and austerity. Google the Ukrainian president's name "Poroshenko Wikileaks" and find a bunch of US diplomatic cables where he's referred to as "our Ukrainian insider" and "disgraced oligarch" who is "corrupt... but his price is worth it". Amazing thing this Internet is! No wonder our govt wants to institute surveillance.


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