Sunday, September 14, 2014

What Russia Must Do

Everyone knows that Putin is a beast driving Russia to war with the West with the goal of occupying the whole of Ukraine before rolling all the way from Poland to Portugal. The only hope the Russians now have of redeeming themselves and avoiding total disaster is to rid themselves of  Putin, the newest of New Hitlers and, as Colin James at the Saker explains:
[March Putin] through the Red Square tarred and feathered on his way to giving a press conference admitting his culpability for invading Ukraine and shooting down MH17, declaring European values to be the bestest thing ever, allowing NATO to have all of Ukraine including Crimea, dissolving all BRICS economic agreements and Eurasian security treaties, giving BP and Exxon controlling interests in Gazprom and Rosneft, and handing their entire government over to the fifth column Atlanticists.

THEN destroying all Russia's nuclear weapons and balkanizing the Russian Federation into fourteen mini-states, each controlled by their own Poroshenkite corrupt oligarch. Also, there would have to be a commitment to the requisite privatizations, elimination of banking regulations, austerity measures, and crippling IMF loans that can never be paid back. Oh, and GMOs.
But I'm not sure that'd be enough. Jen Psaki, John Kerry, the BBC and Stevie Harper would probably condemn the performance as a crude and transparent trick and that the only thing, really, would be an American nuclear first strike, taking out Putin and the rest of those subhumans (and here) occupying the Donbas region of Ukraine and their co-ethnics in Russia.

How Russia's gonna look. Source

Jim Deans:
Could Kiev fail before the New Republics?

Condi Rice, She Say:
Here's how we take Russia down. Europe must buy oil and gas from the US of A instead of Russia. Ah yes,  eazy-peazy Condolleezy, except for one problem: US oil production 11 = million barrels a day, US oil consumption  = 18.9 billion barrels a day. But don't worry. We're an empire now. We create our own reality (including oil), duh:

Mike Whitney: Did Putin Just Bring Peace to Ukraine?
... There is no way to overstate the significance of what has transpired in Ukraine in the last three weeks. What began as a murderous onslaught on the mainly Russian-speaking population of east Ukraine, has turned into a major triumph against a belligerent and expansionistic empire that has been repulsed by a scrappy, battle-hardened militia engaged in a conventional, land-based war. The conflict in east Ukraine is Obama’s war; launched by Obama’s junta government, executed by Obama’s proxy army, and directed by Obama’s advisors in Kiev. The driving force behind the war is Washington’s ambitious pivot to Asia, a strategy that pits Russia against Europe to prevent further economic integration and to establish NATO forward-operating bases on Russia’s western border. Despite the overheated rhetoric, the talk of a (NATO) “Rapid Reaction Force”, and additional economic sanctions; the US plan to draw Ukraine into the western sphere of influence and weaken Russia in the process, is in tatters. And the reason it is in tatters is because a highly-motivated and adaptable militia has trounced Obama’s troopers at every turn pushing the Ukrainian army to the brink of collapse.

... Washington’s harebrained gambit was doomed from the get go. Who made the decision to topple Yanuchovych, install a US-puppet in Kiev, fill-out the security services with neo Nazis, and wage a bloody ethnic cleansing purge on the Russian-speaking people in the east?

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