Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ukraine: Game Over or the Beginning of the Escalation?

As Brad Cabana explains, the Ukraine Government's genocidal assault on the Russian-speaking population of South-Eastern Ukraine is headed for total failure. By burning, shelling, strafing, bombing and lobbing ballistic missiles at civilian targets in Eastern Ukraine, the US-installed, neo-Nazi-backed Kiev junta has irretrievably lost all respect in Russian-speaking South-Eastern Ukraine, where independence is now the only acceptable option. At the same time, the junta armed forces, sent to occupy and punish the formerly federalist, now separatist, people of Eastern Ukraine have been comprehensively defeated by the local self-defense militia with substantial Russian aid.

Dneiper dam, destroyed by retreating Soviet forces in 1941. Source
The struggle may long continue. Great disasters may yet be in store. The psychopathic warlord Kolomoisky may yet blow the Dnieper hydro-electric dam, releasing 33 billion tons of water to wash away whole towns and villages.

But whatever events intervene, the latest episode in the drive for US global hegemony through color revolutions, sabotage, bribery, assassination and collaboration with the scum of the earth seems likely to end in an epoch-making reverse. Russia has already reclaimed its ancient naval base of Crimea with a compelling democratic mandate. And when the dust settles in Ukraine, the US project to bring its first-strike-enabling anti-missile system to Russia's Ukraine border will prove a humiliating failure.

Unless, that is, the West raises the stakes by direct intervention on the side of the Kiev neo-Nazis, leading to an escalating proxy war between NATO and Russia. Then, anything may happen and we could all be dead by Christmas.

Of the alternative, US-NATO humiliation is much to be preferred. For the West, the embarrassment would not be a catastrophe. By revealing for all to see that the existing genocidal system of Western capitalism is not only evil but profoundly stupid, it may provide an opportunity, perhaps the only opportunity, to restore in the West the sovereign nation-state democracies that have been submerged by the US drive to establish an oligarchic system of control over an enslaved, miscegenated global proletariat that is to be bred, culled and brainwashed at will.

Vive le Novorossia libre.

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