Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why Most People don’t Know What They Think They Know About Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

First, and this is the biggie, Russia has not invaded Ukraine (and here).

But then there are several other reasons. For example, most people think that Russia or the “pro-Russian” rebels of East Ukraine shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17 over the Donetsk battle zone. For some reason, this is supposed to clinch the argument for Russian invasion and, in general, for the utter evil of Vladimir Putin and the Russian people stupid enough to support him.

But the entire concept is incorrect.

First, because there are no  “pro-Russian” rebels. The civil war in Ukraine is being fought between US-installed Nazis in Kiev who launched a war of extermination against six million ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine, and the people of Eastern Ukraine opposed to being genocided by a murderous Ukrainian state controlled by oligarchs and criminals backed and financed by the forces of the New World Order; namely, Washington, Ottawa, London, NATO, the IMF, etc., etc.

Second, because there is no evidence that the downing of MH-17 had anything to do with Russia or those fighting for East Ukraine independence. This is clear from the determination of the Nazified Western states (i.e., Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia) who are conducting the technical investigation of the crash to prevent release of the results of their own investigation. The implication is clear, those results prove that MH-17 was shot down by Kiev forces or their Western backers, with the obvious intent of smearing the “pro-Russians” fighting for their lives in Eastern Ukraine with the crime of mass murder.

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Mike Whitney — Obama’s “Catastrophic Defeat” in Ukraine
Moscow has repeatedly called for an end to the violence and a resumption of negotiations, but each request has been rebuffed by Obama’s puppet in Kiev leading to another round of hostilities. Washington doesn’t want peace. Washington wants the same solution it imposed on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, that is, a chaotic failed state where ethnic and sectarian animosities are kept at a boiling point so forward-operating bases can be established without resistance, so resources can be extracted at will, and so a formally-independent nation can be reduced to a “permanent state of colonial dependency.” (Chomsky) That’s the basic gameplan wherever Washington goes. The same rule applies to Ukraine. The only choice the people have is to arm themselves and fight back. Which is what they’ve done.

Donetsk and Lugansk have formed militias and taken the war to the enemy. They’ve engaged Obama’s proxy-army on the battlefield and pounded it into mincemeat. That’s why Obama deployed his propagandists to lie about the fictitious “Russian invasion”. The administration needs a diversion because the Novorussia forces (aka-the “pro Russia separatists”) are kicking the holy crap out of Obama’s legions. ...
Chris Alexander, Canada's Minister of Immigration: proud to have Ukrainian Right Sector Nazis fundraising in Toronto

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The less Americans know about Ukraine’s location, the more they want U.S. to intervene

I love how so many Americans think Ukraine is in (a) the United States (No wonder they want U.S. intervention), (b) Greenland, (c) Australia, or (d) Antarctica.

Where Americans place Ukraine. LOL. Source: WaPo.

“Russian Invasion” – Screaming ‘Wolf!’ Strategy of Deception. Lies Repeated Umpteen Times. What is the Endgame?

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