Friday, August 15, 2014

Ukraine President's Fantasy of Russian Military Intervention?

Beginning with the US-instigated, neo-nazi-backed coup d'état in Kyiv, every effort seems to have been made by the agents of empire to provoke Russian intervention in Ukraine where NATO can get to work killing Russians without immediate risk of nuclear retaliation.

But so far, things haven't worked out quite as intended. Russia declined to mobilize forces to eliminate the nazi/oligarch monstrosity in Kyiv, but quietly retook possession of her ancient naval base of Crimea in accordance with an overwhelming democratic mandate from the largely Russian population of the peninsula.

As a further provocation, the fascists of Kiev sent a band of psychopaths to Odessa to commit an atrocity against citizens restive at the undemocratic turn of events in Kyiv. But Russia failed to invoke the Empire's principle of "R2P," which is to say the right to bomb the hell out of any country where the government has engaged, or is said to have engaged, in killing its own people.

At the same time, the Kyiv junta was itself faced by a provocation from its own people, namely, a referendum in Donbass in which more than 80% voted for autonomy within a federal Ukrainian state. In response, the Kyiv fascists sent an army of 70,000 regular troops, conscripts and nazi volunteers marching beneath their Wolfsangel banner, to bomb, shell and bayonet the "subhuman," "terrorist" Russian-speaking civilians of Lugansk, Donestsk and surrounding Donbass communities.

But again, Russia failed to intervene directly or even indirectly so far as could be convincingly demonstrated by the imperialist media. Thus, the Russophobes in Kyiv, Russia's ancient capital, committed a new atrocity: they shot down a civilian airliner killing all 298 innocent civilians on board, while faking evidence to show that the crime had been committed by the Eastern dissidents with direct Russian assistance.

Even the CIA found that hard to stomach and directly refuted Imperial Warmonger in Chief, President Obama, by pointing out that there was no direct Russian involvement in the destruction of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17. The Russians went further, revealing that a Ukrainian air-force fighter jet was within air-to-air missile range of the downed airliner at the time of the crash. Moreover, Russia pointed out that the Ukrainian proof of "rebel" responsibility was fabricated and place on YouTube the day before the crash.

So, what to do? Apparently, with the aid of the Guardian, Britain's wholly Zionist/Chatham House controlled news outlet, announce a Russian military incursion into Ukraine, an announcement shortly to be followed by President Porky's triumphant claim that Ukraine had destroyed the Russian force. But now the question arises, did the Russian incursion actually occur, or was it a total fabrication?

The Russians deny any incursion by their forces, and on the face of it, the Ukrainian claim is inherently difficult to believe, quite apart from the total untrustworthyness of the source. If Russia decided to intervene militarily in Donbass, would they not deploy something more significant than a dozen trucks, easily destroyed by Ukrainian artillery, of which an abundance has been moved to the Donbass for the purpose of killing Ukrainians in their own homes. But to find out, we will have to await further developments.

Meantime, the Ukie fascist friends of the Western empire, are deploying white phosphorus against the "subhumans" of Donbass: maybe that will move the Russians to embark on a military intervention on humanitarian grounds. If they do, it will be denounced in the West as an imperialistic adventure that must be repulsed with the full force at NATO's disposal.


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Trade sanctions were imposed on Russia at the urging of the Empire of Lies, aka Obamastan, on the pretext that Vladimir Putin cold-bloodedly murdered the 298 souls aboard the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17. Now that it is known that the destruction of MH-17 had nothing to do with Russia or the Russian-speaking Federalist rebels in Eastern Ukraine but was almost certainly an act of mass murder by America's fascist puppets in Kiev, the Europeans look like what they actually are, dupes of the O'Bomber—Fogher Rassmussen lie machines and their oligarch-owned media accomplices. Moreover, they look like really stupid dupes, since the counter sanctions imposed by Russia cause more pain to the EU, both economically and politically, than Europe's sanctions cause Russia. In fact, the Russian economy will likely come out stronger as a result of the reciprocal sanctions, since they will stimulate Russian agriculture, particularly the horticultural sector, while strengthening economic ties with the BRICS nations.

So much for the EU's grovelling submission to the United States of Aggression.

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Please accept our apologies on behalf of a great many people here in the Netherlands for our Government and our Media. The facts concerning MH17 are twisted to defame you and your country.

We are powerless onlookers, as we witness how the Western Nations, led by the United States, accuse Russia of crimes they commit themselves more than anybody else. ... Read more
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"We haven't received any armored vehicles from Russia. No Russian units, including Russian armored vehicles, have crossed the border. Hence, no Russian armored vehicles could have been destroyed," DPR First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Purgin told Interfax on Friday evening.

Purgin claimed that, on the contrary, the militias destroyed about 100 Ukrainian armored vehicles.

"A lot of Ukrainian armored vehicles were destroyed today, 7 at one place, 12 at another. And the same all over the DPR territory. A total of about 100 of them," Purgin said.
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  1. I've posted 3 comments asking where the evidence is for this BS on this website. They keep deleting them.

    1. Wadyer expect. Very rich people don't go to all the trouble and expense of publishing a pack of lies as an invitation to a full and fair debate!

    2. I think a lot of people are realising just what a bunch of twats the very-rich are... They can't even lie convincingly, or stage a plausible false-flag attack.
      Some like to debate - is government evil or just incompetent?
      Well, the answer is clearer by the day: They are both evil and incompetent.