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Ukraine: Nazi NATO Setting the Stage for a Proxy War on Russia

The US, in rapid economic and military decline relative to its rivals Russia and China, is intent on a war to smash the competition while the possibility of success remains. The principle of mutual assured nuclear destruction that for more than 70 years has kept the peace between the United States and Russia does not apply in wars between US and Russian proxies. The US thus aims to create the conditions for a proxy war in Ukraine, the ultimate objective of which is the humiliation of Putin, disintegration of the Russian Federation through foreign subversion, a new round of oligarchic looting, and expansion of NATO to China's border.

America's own representatives, the Kiev junta, have already been installed. But on the other side space must be created for the Russian proxy. A start was made by the declaration by former Ukraine PM and Presidential candidate Julia Tymoshenko of genocidal intent against the eight million Russians of South Eastern Ukraine, a provocation followed by the little-reported atrocities committed against unarmed opponents of the Kiev junta in Odessa and during the ongoing punitive assault on Donetsk, Lugansk and other towns of Eastern Ukraine, where the people were incited by the terrorists and neo-Nazis of Kiev to vote overwhelmingly for autonomy within a federated Ukraine.

Memorial to the Second Nazi War on Russia: Source.
The memorial to the First Nazi War on Russia. — same location.
In defending themselves from attack by both the regular Ukraine army and Kiev's punitive brigades of neo-Nazis and criminals, the people of Donetsk Republic have transformed a self-defense militia of a few dozen volunteers into a well-disciplined and battle hardened army[Note 1] that makes the plausible claim to have killed, captured or wounded over 35,000 junta forces. Now the army of the Donetsk Republic appears to be on a roll, encircling large junta troop formations and rapidly extending its area of control. It is quite possible, however, that Ukraine army forces are being deliberately sacrificed by the Ukrainian command in order to create a significant footprint for Russia's proxy.

If that is the case, a turning point can be expected quite soon, at which time the junta forces will be stiffened either by better leadership or, as necessary, through increased NATO support [Note 2]. Then it will be Russia's turn to provide further assistance to their representatives. From that point, the sky's the limit to possible escalation. With home-made nukes already in their possession, the Kiev junta may be the first government to nuke their own people. Most critical, would be the struggle for control of the air, with Russia's anti-aircraft missile systems pitted against the US Air Force that performed so admirably on 9/11.

As for the outcome, who knows? Or as Winston Churchill remarked:
Always remember, however sure you are that you could easily win, that there would not be a war if the other man did not think he also had a chance.
Can such a war be averted? Almost certainly not unless the United States is confronted by a rebellion within the NATO alliance. The European nations, with the exception of Poland, the Baltic crazies and the UK, obviously don't want a new European civil war. In particular, neither Germany nor Russia have any reason for war.  On the contrary, both countries are well aware that the combination of German capital and technology with Russian human and natural resources can forge a hugely prosperous central European partnership.

The risk of rebellion against America`s war plans is, however, not great. Ask the US to remove their military bases from your territory and your nuclear reactors may blow up, question 9-11 and your airliners may be shot out of the air or simply disappeared. In fact, show any inclination to refuse the leadership of the indispensable nation and pressures will be brought to bear, and your leadership bought, blackmailed or assassinated. Hence the grovelling sycophancy of Stephen Harper, Tony Abbott, and Friend-of-Israel Cameron to the US-Israeli warmonger alliance.

Across Europe, it is true, the people have begun to push back against US imperialism, with strong electoral support going to nationalist parties. It is questionable, however, what signficance these nationalist movements have. Most are probably already firmly under the control of national or foreign security services. Angela Merkel, it is true, has had the temerity to deny the indispensability of indispensable nation and to demand a solution to the US-manufactured Ukraine crisis that does not harm Russia, while Hungary has condemned EU sanctions on Russia as counterproductive, while demanding autonomy for ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine.

But meantime the propaganda for war intensifies. The New York Times, notable for telling the World of Saddam`s soon-to-be-proved-nonexistent, weapons of mass destruction, is now assuring the World that Russia has begun the invasion of Ukraine. This, surely, is the prelude to new and aggressive anti-Russian measures to be decided upon at this weekend`s NATO meeting in Britain. The possibility of Europe collectively telling the US of Aggression to, in the words of a great American imperialist, go fuck themselves thus seems negligible to non-existent.

Footnotes (Added October, 20, 2014):

(1) It seems now generally acknowledged that the Donbas Federalists were aided by up to three thousand volunteer Russian soldiers, which is no surprise since the Russian government would have been discredited both at home and abroad if it had allowed the massacre of ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine that was planned by the Kiev junta and their Nazi inspired punitive military brigades.

(2) Although Nato has delivered military aid to the Nazi-backed Kiev junta and engaged in military exercises with the Kiev freaks, they seem to have thrown in their hand with the signing of the Minsk ceasefire agreement, an outcome that prompted Henry Kissinger to state that [Putin] has succeeded beyond what could have been expected when this crisis [in Ukraine] started.

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NATO's goal: an internal Slavic war, the final solution to the Russian question
We often quote the words of Zbignew Brzezinski: “deprived of the reunion with Ukraine, Russia is not destined to reclaim the status of a great power”. “Long Zbig” is wrong: Russia can reclaim that status without Ukraine, but it will be more difficult and take longer. The thing is, Brzezinski is not original; he repeats the words of a German General Paul Rohrbach, who stated, in the beginning of the XX century: “to diminish the threat of Russia to Europe, and especially to Germany, you must completely remove Ukrainian Russia from Muscovy Russia”. Please note that to a German General both – Ukraine and Muscovy – are Russia; and he speaks of creating an internal, Russian, split. He evokes the ideas of the German politicians of the last third of the XIX century, principally Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck-Schönhausen, who not only insisted on the necessity of such a split, but defined the means.
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Having so far failed in their genocidal war against the Russian speakers of East Ukraine, the Kiev Nazis expect the Nazi-lovers of Canada to finish the job. The Zionist warmonger Harper will probably go for it, since nothing much less than a World war is likely to save the psychopathic bastard at next year's election.

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