Tuesday, August 19, 2014

WW4: America's Neville Chamberlain Strategy — Set the Nazis Against the Russkies Then Stand Aside and Watch the Mutual Annihilation

Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister universally reviled for his policy of appeasing Hitler, aimed not to appease Hitler, but to bring about the mutual destruction of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.* It was to this end that he compelled Czechoslovakia to cede to Germany the Sudentenland thereby opening the way for Hitler's subsequent invasion of the rest of the Czechoslovakia. Thus it was, also, that Chamberlain made no effort to meet Britain's commitment to the security of Poland when it was jointly invaded by Russia and Germany. Chamberlain's sole objective was to bring Russia and Germany face to face and wait for the hoped for war of mutual destruction.

Today, the Anglo-American strategy is the same. It is to raise a mighty Nazi army in Ukraine against Russia, backed by the American puppet regimes in Western Europe. Here, Putin adviser Sergei Glaziev, spells it out, how the prelude to WW4 is unfolding:

In this statement, Glaziev gives a broader account of his view of the geopolitical state of the World:

These are not the rantings of some unknown Internet commentator or a person without influence in the world. These are the considered views of a close adviser to the leader of the World's only nation with the capacity to reduce the United States (and Western Europe) to radioactive ash.

* Chamberlain's strategy of turning Germany eastwards to destroy Soviet Union

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