Friday, July 11, 2014

Putin's Ukraine Policy: Exposing the Scoundrel New World Order in Action

By accepting the appeal of the overwhelming majority of the people of Crimea for accession to the Russian Federation, Putin obtained all that Russia wanted from Ukraine: correction of what former Soviet President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Mikhail Gorbachev called a "historic mistake," i.e., the arbitrary 1954 transfer of Crimea from the Russian Federation to Ukraine by Ukrainian Soviet President Nikita Khrushchev. In facilitating that bloodless transaction, Putin recovered what has been Russia's principle naval base since 1783, thereby regaining naval dominance over the Black Sea, Russia's most vital salt water gateway, while obtaining possession of the potentially vast oil and gas reserves of the adjacent areas of the Black Sea.

Having thus secured Russia's national interest peacefully and with a democratic mandate, Putin has consistently promoted a democratic solution to Ukraine's internal tensions, while refusing to be drawn into the civil war instigated and inflamed by the United States, its EU puppets and its Nazi agents in Kyiv. As a contributor to the Club Orlov blog explains, Russia's restraint in the face of grotesque US/Nato/Ukrainian Nazi provocation may greatly hasten the demise of the NeoCon driven project for a New World Order, i.e., a plutocratic world in which state powers would be entirely subsumed by the money power.

For a fascinating commentary on this analysis see Why Don't We Have Eyes To See? by James, at the Winter Patriot Community blog.

See also the Saker's most recent situation report on Ukraine in which he discusses the impact of US/Nato/Nazi atrocities in Ukraine on the position of the fifth column of Liberal "Atlantic Integrationists" in the Kremlin.

Meantime, Poroshenko establishes his Nazi cred by vowing not tens but hundreds of dead "rebels" for every Nazi soldier killed in the war on Eastern Ukraine. Even Hitler was more moderate than that, demanding no more than 100 dead partisans for every Nazi killed by rebel action.


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