Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gallup Poll: Most Ukrainians Oppose US-installed Nazi Government in Kiev

An opinion survey by the Gallup organization establishes beyond doubt that the majority of Ukrainians, and a vast majority in the South and East of the country, strongly oppose the US-Nazi takeover of their country:

Gallup Poll: April 2014
and, furthermore, the poll confirms that the vast majority of Ukrainians in Crimea support Crimea's incorporation in the Russia Federation:

Gallup Poll: April 2014
What these and and a mass of other information provided by the Gallup survey prove is that the mainstream media account of the conflict in Ukraine is a pack of lies and that far from combating parasites, terrorists and subhumans in Eastern Ukraine, the US-UK-Canada-backed Nazis in Kiev are seeking to crush the will of the people of Eastern Ukraine.


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