Friday, June 6, 2014

Who Seized What in Ukraine?

While the Western corpo. media and twats like Harper and Cameroon bloviate about Russia's "seizure" of Crimea, albeit the result of a bloodless democratic process that returned to Russia a majority Russian population of a region that has been part of Russia since before the US of Aggression even existed, the US-backed Nazi-driven takeover of Eastern Ukraine continues amid much bloodshed and under the guidance of the NeoCon New World Order/Chatham House/NATO/US State Department stooge, Arse Yatsenyuk.

According to a situation report via the Saker's blog, the Ukrainian agents of the New World Order are today bombing and shelling civilian targets and taking hostages in Eastern Ukraine where the people have the temerity to oppose the rule of the US-created junta in Kiev in which the military and security services are under firm Neo-Nazi control and are operating in true Nazi fashion.

What is extraordinary is not the vile criminality of the actions of the ruling agents imposed on the people of Ukraine by the criminals in Washington and London, but the dumb, stupid acceptance throughout the West of the imperialist lies of the US and its allies, who use Nazi agents against those they brand as Hitlerites.


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...two things appear inevitable now: a Russian military intervention in Novorossia followed by the Cold War v2 the AngloZionists wanted so badly. Up until this moment the European colonies still had a chance to avoid a future which will hurt them much more than it will hurt the US or Russia, but they could not even muster the willpower to protect their own vital interests.
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