Monday, June 2, 2014

Steve Harper's Friends in Kyiv Killing Their Own People in Eastern Ukraine

Itar-Tass: Ukrainian troops kill more than 25 people in Krasny Liman hospital

Ukrainian city of Lugansk under attack by Ukraine Air Force Sukhoi-25:

Details: The Vinyard of the Saker

Further video: Deadly Ukraine Fighter Jet Bombing Caught On Tape

BlackListed News: Ukraine Air Force gunships in assault on Ukrainian city of Lugansk (June 3, 2014).

Itar-TassKyiv Nazi's call for martial law in Eastern Ukraine

Itar-Tass: East Ukraine militia down fighter plane, helicopter gunship, 4 APCs

The Saker: Why Western Imperialists Hate Putin

The Saker: Making sense of Obama's billion dollar hammer

Juan: Russians are sub-humans in the eyes of the West
The victors of the Maidan coup d'etat, Oleg Tyagnibok (a sitting deputat of Ukraine Rada) and Dmitro Yarush, leaders of Svoboda Party and Right Sector Party respectively, had stated, during a live interview on Channel 5 TV in Kiev on 27 February 2014, that they were going to lead their combined 5500 fighters from Miadan down to Krim and Sevastopol and 'kill every Russian there' combined with 'we will put every Russian in Krim to the knife'. ...

On 02 May there was a football match in Odessa on the south coast of Ukraine. We all know what happened in Odessa with the massacre of the anti Kiev demonstrators, unarmed demonstrators, in and around the Labor Union Building in Odessa as they were beaten, shot and burned to death. What you don't know is the true number of dead that day and evening. 297 anti Kiev demonstrators AND innocents died that day. Over 50 were in hospital. Some of those who jumped from the entrance hall stairway at the fourth and fifth floor levels were beaten to death as they lay on the ground. Others were made to crawl away, severely injured, and were kicked and beaten as they crawled to the pile of wounded.

To this day not a single western government that I am aware of has expressed the slightest sympathy or condolences for any of the wounded or dead in Odessa....

Yesterday, 03 June 2014, shortly after noon local time there was an attack on the Lugansk City Administration Building in the center of Lugansk by a single Ukrainian Air Force Sukhoi 25 ground attack airplane. He fired a single volley of missiles at the front of the building. Yes, the building is the titular headquarters of Donbas Republic but 95% of the offices and workers in that building are city administration workers, civilians doing their work for the citizens of Lugansk and most of whom have worked there for years. Ukraine well knew that fact and attacked. The impact of the rockets are well documented in many videos extant on the internet ...
So far Stephen Harper has failed to comment. Apparently, Canada's one million plus citizens of Ukrainian extraction are all Russophobic Nazi sympathizers, or at least, that must be Stephen Harper's calculation since he seems to think it a fine thing for the Kiev junta to kill as many Russian-speaking Unkrainians as possible.

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