Thursday, June 5, 2014

Stephen Harper's Belligerent Russophobia

Steve Harper is sending 75 Canadian soldiers to Europe to combat Putin menace.

No disrespect to our brave men and women in uniform, but, LOL.

Harper says Putin should be allowed at D-Day ceremonies in Normandy commemorating the allied defeat of Nazi Germany. (Yes, believe it or not — and listening to Stephen Harper, you probably wouldn't — those damn Ruskies were our allies in both World Wars and did most of the dying on both occasions.) And with several hundred times as many Russian war dead as Canadian, Harper's granting Putin permission like that is generous — not. Anyhow it's not Canada that's issuing the invitations to these ceremonies on French soil.

So what's with our Stevie? Why this clowning insolence toward Russia, a full-spectrum nuclear superpower, by the leader of a country with a negligible military budget and fewer soldiers than Toronto has police officers?

Does Harper believe that most of the one million or so Ukrainian Canadians are Nazi-loving Russophobes who will vote Tory in next year's Federal election because of Harper's support (including $220 million in Canadian taxpayers' cash) for the Kiev government that came to power by means of an anti-constitutional coup and whose first act was an attempt to deprive Ukraine's ethnic minorities of the right to use their native language? (It would be good to hear from some of them: real live Canadian neo-Nazi Ukrainian nationalists, that is. I'm sure we'd all like to know what it is, exactly, that they think Canada owes them in the way of backing their fascistic kinsmen back home.)

Or is Harper a closet Nazi? Does he secretly lust to use the the Royal Canadian Air Force as the Kyiv junta is using Ukie Sukhoi jet fighters and helicopter gunships to terrorize troublesome provinces? Does he long to emulate Kyiv in deploying death squads against anti-government trouble-makers across the land?

Or is our Stevie the Eric Honecker of the West, the ultra-loyal imperial satrap, relentlessly following orders from Moscow — I mean Washington?

Yeah. That's probably it. Our Stevie's been tasked with distracting attention from the war crimes of our friends in Kiev by hootin' and hollerin' that Putin's a Commie dictator planning to rule the whole world.


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