Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Obozo's Brain, Zbizgzniezv Zbrzezzinzskziz, on Why Russia and the Russian People Must be Destroyed

Zbigzsnozz Bzzrezzinskzizzz
Starting a war of criminal aggression is not something a normal person is inclined to do. Thus the President of the United States has a professional warmonger, the crackpot, Zbigniew Brzezinski, to make the call.

The name, obviously is important (Remember the ad for Smuckers jam: "with a name like that, it's got to be good"?). If it were, say, Jim Pollack or another such commonplace handle, nobody'd take the slightest notice of the crazy coot. But having an aristocratic sounding, unspellable Polish name makes all the difference. And then Zbigzzy talks in a fine hifalutin kind of academese, which involves repetitive use of words like "namely" and "concept," which make the advocacy of mass murder seem so much more reasonable. More decent even.

In this video (beginning at 14 min 15 seconds), we hear it directly from Zbzgzy, why the Unites States of Aggression should destroy Russia and the Russian people.
"What we are seeing in Ukraine ... namely, the gradual but steady emergence of Russia ... is a quasi mystical chauvinism ...

"Recently, the Russian International Affairs Council ... has come up with a report on Russia's national identity transformation and new foreign policy doctrine ...

"The key concepts of this report ... involve four basic concepts ...

"That of a divided people ...

"Secondly the theme of, quote, protecting compatriots abroad, end quote.

"Then, more broadly, the Russian World, "Russky Mir," in Russian, and the importance of acknowledging, and sustaining, embracing and promoting, quote, the Great Russian civilization."
What the fourth basic "concept" was, Zbzgz seems to have forgotten.

But there's the case for seeing Putin as the "new Hitler," the leader with a mystical view of the "Great Russian civilization." Of course the point is weakened a bit when one realizes that the "Great" in "Great Russian civilization" is simply a reference to the civilization of Great Russia, which is to say Russia excluding "Little Russia," i.e., Ukraine. To speak of the "Great Russian culture" is thus strictly analogous to speaking of the "Great British culture" with reference to the culture of Great Britain as opposed to that of Britanny, or Petite Bretagne (i.e., Little Britain), as it was known in Mediaeval times.

As for Russia being a divided people, well that's just a fact, but it has to be held against them since they might like to get together again as a united people, a vicious tendency only recently displayed by those damned Crimeans who exercised their UN Charter right to self-determination, and then decided to unite with the Russian Federation.

Equally vicious is the desire to protect compatriots abroad. Why, obviously they should let the Ukie Nazis genocide the Novorussians, all six million of them as Ukie Presidential Candidate Julia Tymoshenko planned to do, personally if possible, by machine gun.

But perhaps most evil of all, is that commitment to acknowledging, sustaining, etc., etc., the Great Russian civilization (i.e., the civilization of Great Russia, not the great civilization of Russia), you know, Leo Tolstoy, the Bolshoi Ballet, Yuri Gagarin and all that crap. As any well-brainwashed person knows, only the United States of Assassination should be free to protect and promote its culture of Coke, porn, atheism, child sexualization and the genocide of the nations of the world.

So there it is. The US of Aggression gets to overthrow the government of Russia's neighbor, Ukraine, in a violent coup d'├ętat, thereby empowering a bunch of Nazi fanatics with a long track record of genocidal activity, and then declares it to be justification for military action against Russia, if Russia seeks to protect the lives and liberty of its compatriots in Ukraine.


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