Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How Long Can Western Elites Continue Branding the Largest Popular Faction "Far Right," "Extremist," and "Anti-Semitic"?

The essential thing to understand about the latest European Parliamentary election in which the mainstream parties of Britain, France, Denmark and Austria were trounced by national sovereigntists is that there has been a victory for the hateful forces of the "Far right," of "extremism," of anti-Semitism and of homophobia. Or so the corporate media and those speaking for the threatened establishment will tell you.

To most of those who are the beneficiary of a dozen or more years of daily indoctrination by the state in the name of "public education," this will be a perfectly reasonable explanation. Europe, they understand, is under threat from Hitlerites driven by irrational hatreds who must be beaten back by every means at the disposal of the state and the corporate media: including state infiltration and internal disruption of political parties, politically correct hate speech directed at the "Fascist enemies of decency and tolerance," and rigorous enforcement of legal restraints on politically incorrect speech and behavior.

But for the substantial minority of the European populace for whom the Eurovision Song Contest is evidence not of benign tolerance but of a conspiracy to destroy Western civilization and the European people, politics should not be about promoting child sex, aberrant sex, banning use of the national flag, the mass occupation of one's homeland by people from elsewhere, or of allegiance to a foreign state, but about survival, earning a living, buying a home, raising a family, defending the homeland from a mass influx of foreigners, from Vikings of old to Muslim Settlers of the present day.

The great danger for today's treasonous Western elites, who have submitted to the plan for a global empire ruled by a plutocratic oligarchy, is that the urge to hate, which they have cultivated as a powerful weapon for the promotion of political correctness, may escape their control and be turned against them.


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