Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Clinton Was Right: What's Happened to Ukraine Is Reminiscent of Hitler's Occupation of the Sudentenland — the US Being the Occupier

Hitler's ambition was to fulfill Bismark's dream of a European empire incorporating all of central and Eastern Europe, including Ukraine and Belarus. Hitler's first step on that Eastward march was the occupation of the Sudetenland — a step taken in accordance with an international agreement negotiated by Britain's Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain.

America's NeoCons dream is of a Eurasian empire stretching from Iceland and the Azores to Vladivostok, and the Sea of Okhosk, incorporating not only Western and Central Europe, but all of the former Soviet Union with it's vast storehouse of natural resources.

The US-instigated, Nazi-backed coup against the  democratically elected government of Ukraine was the first step on that NeoCon imperial adventure and thus bears a strong resemblance to Hitler's occupation of the Sudetenland. In each case, the transaction was unapproved by, and against the wishes of, the population of the country affected.

For Hitler, the next step on his the Eastward march was the rape of Poland, a joint venture with Stalin. For the US, the next step in the Eastward march requires the full collaboration of the EU, contrary to the will of the people of the Western European states. To win EU support,therefore, the NeoCon strategy is to goad Russia into an occupation of Ukraine, which will unnerve the Europeans sufficiently to enable the Empire to  drive Western Europe to war with Russia.

Hence the multiple provocations of the Kyiv junta, intended to inflame the feelings of both Russians and Russian-speakers in Ukraine: the deployment of Nazis and their fellow travelers in the rebel government; threats to the language rights of the Russian-speaking majority in Eastern Ukraine; the sniper killings of both police and demonstrators during the EuroMaidan riots; the atrocities committed by agents of the Kyiv junta in Odessa and in Eastern Ukraine; the CIA chief in Kyiv; hundreds of US mercenaries in Ukraine; the US Vice-President giving directions to the Kyiv junta. All these factors indicate that the coup in Kyiv was a US psyop: the beginning of a fourth generation war targeting Russia, the object being to provoke, provoke and provoke until Russia is forced to react, thereby providing the propaganda pretext for an all out US-NATO war on Russia.

Instead, Russia merely took back Crimea, a vital strategic asset, dominating the Black Sea, the gateway to the vast majority of Russia's sea-borne trade. Russian territory since before the founding of the United States of America, Crimea returned to Russian control without bloodshed and with a democratic mandate provided by the majority Russian population, for the most part very glad to return to the motherland.

Score the first point to Russia. The return of Crimea to Russia is irreversible and does nothing to spook peace-loving Europeans into a Hitlerite lust for Eastward expansion. Hence the driveling comparison of Putin with Hitler by the likes of Hilary Clinton, as the US of Aggression consorts with real Hitlerite racists and terrorists in Kyiv. That the Putin–Hitler analogy is drivel is only confirmed by its silly repetition by the fatuous, vain, and common-sense challenged, constitutionally improper, heir to the British throne, Prince Charles.

US-EU sanctions against Russia are proving, it seems, to be equally counter-productive. They provide Russia justification, in the name of reciprocation, in denying entry to every NeoCon subversive who might like to hand out cookies while stoking anti-Putin riots in  Moscow or encouraging acts of sodomy in a Moscow cathedral.

Russia has, furthermore, been provided with a perfect opportunity to penalize US-Government-backed globalist corporations to the benefit of domestic Russian undertakings. They have stuck Visa with a $3.8 billion penalty deposit, while threatening fines of $380 million per day  for discriminating against Russian customers. And a draft law submitted to the Russian parliament seeks to criminalize producers (i.e., Monsanto) of genetically-modified organisms harmful to health. Sponsors of the bill say that punishment for such deeds should be comparable to the punishment allotted to terrorists, if the perpetrators act knowingly and hurt many people.

An interesting view of the current state of play in the opening stages of this Third World War, launched by the US as a proof of concept of Fourth Generation Warfare technology, is provided by the Saker.


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