Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Struggle Is For Control of Europe, Not Ukraine

RIA Novosti: Putin Tells US Leaders ‘Not Nice to Read Others' Mail’

Henry Stimson, US Secretary of State
(1929–1933). Chiefly remembered for saying
"Gentlemen do not read each others mail."
The US intends to drive a wedge between Europe and Russia, and is determined, therefore, to dictate an uncooperative European response to Russia's proposals for collaboration over the economic reconstruction of Ukraine. Hence, the insolent American attempt to dictate Europe's response to Putin's letter to the European heads of state.

The danger to the US from Russian–European cooperation is clear. Europe with Russia, a Christian European nation, has everything the US has and more: more economy, more people, more rockets, more resources and more room. What integration of the two would mean is an end to the US Empire and the US occupation of Europe.

That is why the United States will now deploy every means of persuasion at its command — threats, blackmail and bribery — to force Europe to confront, rather than collaborate, with Russia. To the extent that the effort succeeds, we will know the extent to which the Europe is ruled by Quislings.

The outcome is in the balance. As Zero Hedge Reports:
... As is well known by now, officials in Kiev's Western-leaning interim government say Russian forces may be preparing to cross the frontier into Ukraine on the pretext of protecting the pro-Russian activists from persecution, though Moscow denies this. And since the narrative is quite clear, and since Kiev itself has been the most desperate to escalate the conflict with Russia into outright war in hopes of getting NATO backing, it is never quite clear just who is behind any provocation.

And as if to formally accelerate the fallout Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said police would deal very firmly with the group in Slaviansk. "There is a difference between protesters and terrorists," he wrote on his Facebook page....
That's the trick, to provoke a new European civil war with European Nato forces and European Russian forces killing one another. Then the US occupation of Europe and the US Empire will be secure for another generation.

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