Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The American Elite Pushing Porn: The Dirty Dozen

The following list just lobbed in from an outfit called Porn Harms. I have no idea who they are or what they do, but they seem to be against the West's descent into the abyss of self-destructive decadence, so here's their message. You can find out more at: www.PornHarms.com.

Funny thing though, when you see what PornHarms has to say about Google, for example, you wonder what they're really about. They say:
Currently, Google forces the user to manually opt-out of porn if they do not wish to be exposed to such content. However, Google has the ability to allow users to opt-in if they wish to see this. Efforts in the UK and Canada with Internet Service Providers are seeking to make porn-access an opt-in feature, rather than the default setting. GOOGLE could easily do the same.
So, apparently, they think it's fine for Google to distribute porn for profit just as long as users "opt in."

Yeah, well, no wonder the US empire is headed for Hades in a hurry.

The 2014 Dirty Dozen

Attorney General Eric Holder – Mr. Holder refuses to enforce existing federal obscenity laws against hardcore adult pornography, despite the fact that these laws have been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court and effectively enforced by previous attorneys general.

Verizon – Verizon pushes porn into our homes now through hardcore pay-per-view movies on FIOS, smartphones, and tablets and as an Internet Service Provider with insufficient filtering options.

Sex Week – Yale and other colleges and universities repeatedly offer Sex Week on campus. Porn stars are routinely invited to lecture and pornography that glamourizes “fantasy rape” is screened.

Google – Google’s empire thrives on porn. Porn is easily available, even to children, through YouTube, GooglePlay, Google Images and Google Ads.

Tumblr – This popular social media blogging site bombards users with porn. Users must only be 13 and the filters do not work.

50 Shades of Gray – This bestselling book series and upcoming movie are normalizing sexual violence, domination, and torture of women. Oprah Winfrey Network, Broadway and other mainstream outlets have even promoted this abusive lifestyle.

Facebook – Facebook has become a top place to trade pornography, child pornography and for sexual exploitation. Facebook’s guidelines prohibit such behavior, but the company is doing little to enforce them.

Barnes & Noble – This Fortune 500 Company is a major supplier of adult pornography and child erotica.  They regularly put pornography near the children's sections in their stores and provide free, unfiltered porn publications on their Nook e-reader.

Hilton – This hotel chain, like Hyatt, Starwood and many other top hotel chains, provides hardcore pornography movie choices. Porn channels are often the first advertisement on their in-room TVs.

Playstation – PlayStation’s live-streaming abilities are filling thousands of homes with live porn and the PlayStation Store sells hundreds of pornographic and sexually violent games.

American Library Association – The ALA encourages public libraries to keep their computers unfiltered and allow patrons, including children, to access pornography.

Cosmopolitan Magazine – The magazine is a full-on pornographic, “how-to” sex guide, encouraging women to accept the pornified culture around them. They specifically market this content to teen girls.

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