Thursday, April 3, 2014

Globalization, the Ukraine Coup, the Vilification of Russia and the Endless Printing of Money

In this 69-second video clip, Paul Craig Roberts explains globalization. It is a means to maximize profits of a few global corporations by impoverishing First-World labour, while turning agriculture in Third-World countries into monocultures for export. Thus globalization destroys the self-sufficiency of peoples of both the less developed and the the developed economies.

US/Nato's multiple criminal wars of aggression serve one purpose, to subjugate independent nation states, otherwise known as "rogue regimes,"  to global governance through the UN/EU/WTO/NATO, etc., etc. Ukraine, a constitutional democracy with a huge agricultural resource base and substantial mineral and energy resources was ripe for exploitation by international capital.

In the hands of the Nato/US State Department/Chatham House puppet, Arse Yatsenyuk, the formerly independent Ukraine is now under full globalist control. Ukraine thus provides a base for action against the still independent former Soviet states of Belarus and Russia. Hence the ongoing vilification of Russia, aimed at creating public support for such aggression, including the instigation of internal dissent, sabotage and terrorism, the application of economic sanctions and blockades, and if necessary direct military intervention.

The endless printing of money by Western central banks is designed to conceal the impoverishment of the workforce of First-world countries by reducing the purchasing power of wages while avoiding large nominal wage cuts. A consequence of such action is a rise in asset prices.

Increases in prices of stocks, commodities and real estate largely reflect monetary inflation, not increases in real value, which means that owners of capital are protected from losses resulting from currency debasement, while the workforce is robbed by stealth, the rate at which  inflation diminishes real wages being concealed by phoney consumer price indices that exclude assets, such as real estate, and energy and energy-related goods and services: Canada's "core Consumer Price Index," for example, excludes among other things fruits and vegetables, gasoline, fuel oil, natural gas, intercity transportation.


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