Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ukraine: Motes and Beams

It is amazing and quite funny to see how the media and some in the blogsphere attempt to paint Vladimir Putin a hypocrite in his actions over Crimea, while ignoring the hypocrisy of the Western-backed overthrow of the legitimate, democratically-elected government of Ukraine.

In his latest piece, former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, engages in finger pointing about racist thugs in Russia without a passing mention of the Nato-US State Dept-Chatham House-backed Nazi regime in Kyiv.

What did Jesus say about motes and beams? LOL.

According to Murray, "Russia was right over Kosovo, and thus is wrong over Crimea", but then fails to draw the logical inference that the West though right about Crimea, must have been wrong about Kosovo, from which it follows that Putin is simply playing tit-for-tat, an elementary rule of the game of international politics.

Nazi-NATO committed an act of murderous aggression in Kyiv with the aim, among other things, of putting nukes on Russia's Ukraine border. What's a competent Russian leader supposed to do: Invoke the Sermon on the Mount and the injunction to forgive one's enemies?

O'Barmy and co. must have known that Russia would respond by taking back the Russian territory of Crimea: that's why it's happened without a shot fired. The whole thing was probably scripted in advance by a joint US-Russian working group.

On the face of it, Russia has gained much less than the West, but Putin is probably betting that the addition of one more large and economically non-functional state to the Eurozone will finish the European Union.

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