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Ukraine Update March 28–31, 2014

Robert Parry: Ukraine’s Inconvenient Neo-Nazis

Fred Reed: Crimea — Pickle Boy Steps Up
...I have a strategy. If we want to do those Russian rascals in, bring’em lower than dirt, we ought to arrange to have the American public elect their government. You know, on some kind of contract. Then they’d be ruled, like us, by a nursery full of pansies, milquetoasts, ethno-picks, growly feather-weights, diesel dykes, and sorry rich kids who never got into a school-yard fight. Russia would never recover.

We won’t either.
Scott McConnell: Russia's incursion into Ukraine is a response to misguided Western expansionism

Zero Hedge: German Executives Denounce EU/US Leaders Over Russia Confrontation

Global Research: Lavrov: Russia has info about Ukraine’s Right Sector involved in Kiev sniper shooting

Does Russian have proof that Nazi/Nato supplied the snipers that killed both police and demonstrators during the Maidan riots? Never mind, the Empire will lie its way through any such small difficulty. After all, "We are an Empire now and we create our own reality." Which is to say we control the media and we lie, lie and lie again until the people have got the lie firmly in their distracted minds.

But then Lavrov said this:
"People who live in Crimea and who chose Russian citizenship are not related to geopolitics. They want to live in a country which meets their cultural and language request, their so-called 'gene pool'," Lavrov noted.
A rather odd but fascinating statement. Lavrov is intimating that people have the right to be concerned about their own posterity. That nationalism isn't some twisted and immoral sentiment but a totally rational impulse to maximize inclusive fitness that is rooted in our biology shaped by billions of years of evolution.

True that's just one more thing for the "anti-racist" genocidal liberal imperialists intent on destroying the European peoples to rant against, I suppose. Yet it's an idea people do understand in their bones. It may not need to be repeated too often before the idea become ineradicably fixed in the public mind. Then there could be Hell to pay by those who've been selling the lies about the wonders of diversity and the multi-culti world empire.

Global Research: Steve Harper Spewing Russophobic Lies in Europe

Harper believes if you're a puppet, you should be a good puppet, which means when the Empire you serve is creating its own reality, you roll up your sleeves and, like an Alberta farm boy who still has mud on his boots, spread the manure with manly vigor.

Lavrov: If West accepts coup-appointed Kiev govt, it must accept a Russian Crimea
...We are convinced that it would be impossible to work out solutions to all of Ukraine’s problems without a unanimous agreement on the introduction of the federal form of government in Ukraine. Each region needs to have the opportunity to elect directly its local authorities, the executive branch and the governors, and to have all the rights and needs of its citizens satisfied across all spheres, including economy, finances, culture, language, social activities or the right for friendly relations and travel to neighboring states, be it Poland, Lithuania or Russia.
Oh the Heck with local autonomy. Ukraine's a plutocracy now, with billionaires Tymoshenko and Poroshenko contesting the Presidency. And as US Secretary of State John Kerry say, "You don't just in the 21st Century, act in 19th Century fashion and run society in the interests of the public." Jeeze, the Russian view of the World is so outmoded.

RT: Ukraine's Greek Economic Future

NBC Tour of Russia–Ukraine Border: Finds No Evidence of Russian Troop Concentration

Asked about this apparent refutation of alarmist US claims about a threatening Russian military build-up, John Kerry, US Secretary of State said: "You don't just in the 21st Century behave in 19th Century fashion and base diplomacy on real facts. So I'm warning that Commie dictator Putin if he doesn't de-escalate soon we'll just have to impose much harsher sanctions on Russia."

Fredrik Hagberg's speech to the Ukrainian Revolution
Choose freedom and national independence not US/Nato's New World Order

Seems pointless lecturing Ukrainians on nationalism. Ukraine is not a nation state, it is a mini empire encompassing former Russian provinces and imperial possessions including areas dominated by Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, Bulgarians plus an admixture of sundry others including Germans, Tartars and the ubiquitous Greeks and Jews.

If the Ukrainians really want a nation state, they'll have to slough off their border regions, which could be done painlessly by way of a referendum conducted on a county by county basis, which would offer inhabitants of contiguous areas adjoining a neighboring state the option of union with that neighboring state.

But nation states are not what the New World Order is about. The New World Order is about destroying the nation state. So Ukraine as presently constituted as a collection antagonistic nationalities is an ideal laboratory for the imposition of the US-inspired religion of political and environmental correctness. And since the folks in Ukraine fell for a fake revolution bought and paid for by John, You-don't-just-in-the-21st-Century Kerry's State Department, they'd better just get used to it.

Yang Hengjun: Crimea: Ideals and Reality, Glory and Dreams

Lavrov: We were promised that NATO would not bring its military infrastructure closer to our borders – and we were cheated

NeoCon Think Tanker: Watch Out, Putin's Gonna Take Finland

Patrick Buchanan: Behind the Russian Rage: The Geography and History Lessons That Obama Skipped

Pepe Escobar: Asia will not 'isolate' Russia

Tony Cartalucci. R2P: The Tables Turn on the West in Crimea

Jim Dean: Right Sector’s Muzychko gets three bullets with dinner

Robert Parry: American psychopaths lying their way to war

Paul R. Pillar: Forgetting the Lessons of Deterrence

Zero Hedge: Russia's Military Begins Nuclear War Drill

Paul Craig Roberts: Canadian PM Stephen Harper is a lying puppet of the warmongering United States of Aggression
The American puppet, Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper, openly lied on Canadian TV that Russian President Putin had invaded Crimea, threatened Ukraine, and was restarting the Cold War. The host of the TV program sat and nodded his head in agreement with these bald-faced lies.

The script that Washington handed to its Canadian puppet has been handed to all of Washington’s puppets, and everywhere in the West the message is the same. “Putin invaded and annexed Crimea, Putin is determined to rebuild the Soviet Empire, Putin must be stopped.”

I hear from many Canadians who are outraged that their elected government represents Washington and not Canadians.
The good news is that the jerk Harper will almost certainly be gone in the 2015 election. The bad news is that the jerk Harper thinks that if his American NeoCon masters are able to kick-start a world war, it will keep him in power despite his meager current popularity.

RT: Eastern Ukraine rises against Kiev LIVE UPDATES

BBC: Ukraine crisis: Russia vows no invasion
In an interview with state TV channel Rossiya 1 on Saturday, Mr Lavrov said: "We have absolutely no intention of - or interest in - crossing Ukraine's borders."

He added that Russia was ready to protect "the rights of Russians and Russian-speaking people in Ukraine, using all available political, diplomatic and legal means".

Zero Hedge: West Desperate To Break Russia-China Axis, But "Money Talks" Straight To Putin

Zero Hedge: Putin Calls Obama To "Draw Attention To Ukraine Extremists", Obama Replies With Request For Putin To Pull Out

Mish: Ukraine "On Verge of Financial Bankruptcy" Reaches $27 Billion "Kamikaze" Deal With IMF

CounterPunch: Time to Disband NATO

Global Post: Sanctions. How Russia could strangle the US space program

RT: Are US claims a of Russian military build-up on Ukraine border due to bad intelligence, stupidity, lies?

It's not just the Russians wondering where the Western media get their Ukraine info.
The impunity that Western governments and their media mouthpieces have so long enjoyed while telling grotesque and even implausible lies may be coming to an end, in which case, even if there were conclusive evidence of Russian preparation for war, few in the West will believe it.

Itar-Tass: Austrian Foreign Minister against Ukraine’s admittance to NATO

Bloomberg: Crimea Resolution Backed by U.S. Barely Gets UN Majority
The motion was supported by 100 out of 193 states, including three piddling US protectorates, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and American Samoa plus all those states that act as more or less involuntary hosts to 971 US overseas military bases (although among the latter there was one exception, Israel, which failed to support the motion).

YNet: Israel Rootin' for Putin

CanSpeccy: Stephen Harper in Europe to Relaunch the Cold War

CSM: Russia accuses West of 'shameless blackmail' in UN vote on Ukraine

WRH: Obama: Russia must pull back troops from Ukraine border

Nigel Farage: The EU's Stupid Imperialist Policy on Ukraine

CanSpeccy: Ukraine Update March 27, 2014

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