Saturday, September 28, 2013

Black Mischief: Kenya Mall Shooting

The Kenya Westgate Mall shootings, an alleged Islamic terrorist attack, has many strange features suggesting a false flag atrocity conducted with immense incompetence to bring Kenya, and particularly Kenya's resources, under US control.

Among the more remarkable features of the event are:

The failure of the Kenyan authorities to head warnings about an impending terrorist attack.

The identification of at least two American citizensamong the supposedly Islamic terrorists.

The alleged presence among the terrorists of a white female directing the murderous terrorist gunfire, who has been identified as Samantha Lewthwaite, widow of alleged 7/7 London Tube Terror Bomber, Jermaine Lindsay.

The report that the leader of the terrorists received "specialist" training by the British military.

The slaughter by Kenya Defense Force soldiers of the commander of the police team that led the effort to rescue civilian hostages — a friendly fire incident, as with Pat Tillman.

And the failure of the Kenyan police, army and security service to capture a single terrorist, dead or alive.

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Global Research: Was it a Psyop? Nairobi Mall Deceit Abets Israeli-Western Pipeline Wars to Oust Asian Rivals

Westgate Mall Owner also Co-owner of Word Trade Center Buildings 1 and 2

Daily Mail, September 28, 2013: Kenya holds suspect in Westgate Mall terrorist attack
A British man arrested as he tried to fly out of Kenya after the Westgate massacre was allegedly carrying maps of the shopping complex on his laptop. ...

His aunt... explained he was visiting his dying mother, Fatuma Abdirahman, in Nairobi. Abdirizak told detectives she was being treated for cancer in the Salama Hospital in Eastleigh, the mainly Somali residential suburb of the capital, and was unable to move or speak.

But enquiries by The Mail on Sunday revealed no one of his mother’s name had ever been admitted.

In fact, sources said yesterday that, along with other family members, she had been ‘picked up’ by police at an address in Eastleigh and was being questioned by detectives.
But not to worry. Despite being a total liar and a person with a suspicious interest in the Westgate Mall, we are pleased to announce that the suspect has now been released.

More from Aangirfan: MI6 Mall Suspect Released

And from a Nairobi newspaper:
The People, October 1, 2013: the Government has confirmed it is not holding any of the bodies of terrorists behind Westgate attack amid fears they might have escaped through an underground tunnel.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku said that it does not have custody of bodies of the five terrorists allegedly gunned down in the siege.
In other words, the Kenyan army, while managing to kill the of the commander of the police team that led the effort to rescue civilian hostages, failed to kill or capture a single terrorist.

Link via Aangirfan: Mall False Flag

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