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Facebook: A Place to Advocate Politically Correct Riot and Murder, July 3, 2013: On Wednesday, the Daily Caller's Michelle Fields wrote on her blog that while Facebook banned Fox News' Todd Starnes for a politically incorrect post, it has allowed the existence and growth of pages calling for the death of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer on trial for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. At least one page called for rioting in the name of the young black man shot by Zimmerman last year.

A search of Facebook found two pages named "George Zimmerman must die." The only difference between the pages is the word "die," which is spelled "DIE" on one page.

The search also revealed a page called "Kill Zimmerman" and a closed group named "Kill george zimmerman bitch a*z." As of this writing, the group had 13 members.

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What a cunt that cunt Eric Holder is. And Hilary Clinton too. But we already knew that the Clintons are self-hating anti-white racists: "In a little more than 50 years, there will be no majority race in the United States" — Bill Clinton, June 1998 commencement address at Portland State. The graduates, so it is reported, cheered.
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The Zimmerman affair warms the cockles of a curmudgeon´s heart. (I´m not sure what a cockle is, but I want mine to be at the right temperature.) Never have I seen such sprawling, cacophonous, indignant ignorance and frightful stupidity as that being exhibited by the American public. We are doomed. I am delighted. Curmudgeons love doom.

Has there ever been such focused inattention as the case has produced? Nothing of importance is noticed, and everything lacking it is. The crucial fact to come out of the whole adventure—crucial, and therefore utterly overlooked--was that Rachel Jeantel, a prosecution witness and black girl aged nineteen years, can´t read. The grim implication of this fact is confirmed by the illiteracy of tweets from blacks regarding the case. “Ima kill dat dumass cracker be racis.” Here we see as neatly displayed as if in a jewelry box why so many young blacks will go nowhere in the remaining fifty years of their lives. They can´t read, or barely can. In a fading techno-industrial civilization—I use the latter word frivolously—this consigns them to a life on charity. Is this not of more note than who started what?

No. The educational disaster that will leave Rachel and millions of her confreres in meaningless lives on welfare pales in importance compared to the question: Did Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman have the proper racial attitudes? This is what exercises the vast endocrine boobitry howling with empty-headed rage and self-righteousness.

Of course racism was involved in the shooting. The prosecution established this beyond doubt. Trayvon referred to Zimmerman as a “creepy-ass cracker,” “cracker” being a highly pejorative term for low-class whites living in decaying trailers in the pine barrens and Everglades of Florida. So Trayvon, a racist, didn´t like white people. So what? Most blacks don´t.

A measure of the limitless hypocrisy that pervades, that almost constitutes American political life is that Travon´s clear racial hostility—“creepy-ass cracker”—is ignored. Only whites can exhibit racial antagonism. Yet perhaps twice a week on the Drudge Report one encounters cell-phone video of young blacks seriously beating whites because they are white. Here you have to understand that racial attacks are not racial. The local police chief invariably says that race wasn´t involved, when in fact nothing else was, and the papers will speak of “teens.”

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"Hey, everybody, let's riot:"

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