Friday, June 7, 2013

Emma West: Abused and Traduced By the State

According to Emma West's friend, Kerry Finch, Emma West is not a racist. She is a sick woman, who has long suffered from severe depression and was heavily medicated with Citalopram, an antidepressant with perception distoriting side effects, at the time she engaged in a videoed rant on a Croydon tram, in which she pointed out, that other passengers were "not English" and urged them to "go back to your own country":

Said Ms. Finch: "Emma isn't a racist. She lost it because she is very unwell and lashed out in a way she knew would upset whoever happened to be there.

"Had the tram been full of pretty people she would have been calling them slags and prostitutes."

West, a former dental receptionist, has suffered from depression since she was 18, and had been admitted to a psychiatric unit in Purley a month before her tram tirade in October 2011.

As reported by the Croydon Advertiser:
 Miss Finch said that West had been sectioned under the Mental Health Act after attacking and hurling abuse at her for being "pretty".

Two days after being released, she went to see a therapist with her son at the Tamworth Road Resource Centre, in West Croydon.

"The session was pretty tough," said Miss Finch.

"She had spoken about things she hadn't spoken about before.

"Afterwards she had a glass of wine at lunch. It doesn't sound like much but on the medication she was on, it's always been enough to set her off."

West had taken 100mg of antidepressant Citalopram, more than twice the recommended limit.

Her barrister, David Martin-Sperry, said a recognised side-effect of the drug was developing "unusual ideas".

"When she got on the tram it was really busy," said Miss Finch.

"She was holding her son and no-one would give up their seat.

"Someone knocked into her and her son fell on the floor.

"That's when she behaved so despicably."

Though her rant, which included "You aren't British, you're black", was caught on camera by another passenger, no-one reported the incident to the police.
Oh, never mind that she was sick.

Indeed thank God for the mentally unstable, otherwise the genocidal state would have no one to make an example of.

Emma West drew the attention of millions to the fact that the English have been ethnically cleansed from South Croydon, as from many other urban centres in England. For that she must be punished for what she is, an opponent of genocide by mass immigration, otherwise known as genocide by anti-racism.

What would be good to see is an English rights group fund a first rate legal team to sue all the scoundrel newspapers and broadcasters who've called Emma West a racist. Unfortunately, the English rights movement seems to have been taken over by agents of the Security Service, clowns and ruffians like Nick Griffin and Tommy Robinson aka Yackety-Lemon, alias Paul McMasters, alias Paul Harris and sundry other names, who serves very well to discredit any expression of English opposition to national destruction.  

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