Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Labor Minister, Peter Mandelson: We Deliberately Screwed Our Own Supporters

Any who doubt that Western governments are puppets of the New World Order, intent on the destruction of the sovereign nation states, will find stunning refutation of that doubt in the admission by former Blairite Cabinet Minister, Lord Peter Mandelson, that the Blair and Brown governments deliberately engineered a genocidal policy of mass immigration.

New Labor he now says, sought out foreign workers: we were sending out search parties for people and encouraging them... to take up work in this country.’ .

Today, Mandelson concedes that mass immigration has meant New Labor's traditional supporters are now unable to find work.
We have to just realise... entry to the labour market of many people of non-British origin is hard for people who are finding it very difficult to find jobs, who find it hard to keep jobs.
For these little people, says Mandelson,
immigration tends to loom large in their lives and in their worlds
So now we've destroyed their communities, set them to flight from their native cities by hundreds of thousands, and just generally fucked up their lives, we have to accept, he says:
that is an inescapable fact, and we have to understand it, address it, engage with people in discussion about it.
There we are. All New Labor needs do is chat up the silly buggers who we we screwed last time they voted for us, and they'll vote to be screwed by us again.

Aren't politicians just absolute shit.

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