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The New World Order Is Not the Figment of Some Conspiracy Theorist's Imagination

Some people may think that the New World Order is a conspiracy theory invented by Alex Jones and other wackos in the alternative media.

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In fact, making the New World Order seem like some wacko conspiracy theory may be precisely the function of wacko conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones.

That the New World Order is the delusional product of a conspiracy theorist's imagination is, however, entirely mistaken. The New World Order is simply a name for global empire, world governance or whatever you want to call one-world government.

The current plan of implementation was announced by President George H. W. Bush, in 1991.But efforts to bring about a system of global governance are much older than that.

Realistic visions of global empire were born in the 19th century when the telegraph, the steamship and the machine gun made the creation of a global empire clearly feasible.

In the 1890's a British group seized on the idea of developing their empire, which controlled one quarter of the World’s population, into a global confederation of democratic states. The group was founded by Cecil Rhodes and included Rhodes' banking friends, Lord Rothschild and Alfred Beit, William Stead, the long-time Editor of the Times (of London, Lord Astor, Prop.), then the most influential news organ in the world, and Alfred Lord Milner, the central figure in the development of Britain’s early 20th century foreign policy.

The work of this group led to the formation of the Roundtable Groups, including the Council on Foreign Relations, today America's foremost foreign policy think tank, which staunchly backs (and presumably plans) every war for America global hegemony.

But the Anglo-American drive for World domination did not go unchallenged. The Communists, from Marx onward, have always preached global revolution. And the term New World Order was the title of the book in which Fabian socialist, H.G. Wells (friend of Joseph Stalin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and sometime admirer of Adolf Hitler), spelled out his vision of a united planet.

To many, the idea of global governance may seem benign. But what they should realize is that its achievement entails the destruction of the sovereign nation state, i.e., the process of global genocide as the term “genocide” was defined by Raphael Lemkin.

The destruction of the nation state means the destruction of the distinctive cultures of both nations and civilizations. Hence the war on Islam, aka, the war on terror, and also the war on Christianity. That is why the “stomp on Jesus incident” at Florida Atlantic University is significant. For the success of the New World Order, American national identity, culture and European racial majority must be destroyed, just as the identity of every other nation must be replaced by a synthetic identity adapted to the needs of global system of governance subservient to the money power.

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