Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Floridal Atlantic University Prof. Investigates Actors' Role in Sandy Hook Massacre

Prof. James Tracy of Florida Atlantic University is, with others, investigating the role, if any, of actors in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

Prof. Tracy and associates have found similarities in appearance between some Sandy Hook victims and other persons, believed to be actors, whose images have appeared on the Web.

Thus the hypothesis being investigated is that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a charade and that actors we’re deployed to play key roles in the event, including that of victims and their families.

But if Sandy Hook was a charade, one objective may have been to make fools of conspiracy theorists. In that case, participants with a double could have been used to great effect. Doubles might be virtual entities, monozygotic twins, or just folks who look like someone else.

In the first place, independent investigators would be led to identify certain victims or their relatives as actors whose images had been found on the Web. Later, the resemblances could be dismissed as a mere coincidental similarities between victims and other persons — perhaps professional actors — who it can be conclusively shown to be in no way connected with Sandy Hook.

But Aangirfan has spotted an interesting trail between one of the Web images brought to attention by Prof. Tracy and friends, which seems to connect Robbie Parker, the strangely cheerful just bereaved father of a Sandy Hook victim, and top people very close to the CIA. But is that really Robbie Parker partying with Anne Levitman Greenberg? As the late great journalist Malcolm Muggeridge contended, "the camera always lies."


Since the above item was posted, Prof. Tracy has made the following statement. and James Tracy are not affiliated with “US Intelligence Information Center.” Nor do they approve of the methods, allegations, findings or conclusions of “Preliminary Investigative Report: Actors Involved with the Sandy Hook Massacre” or “An Independent Investigation Into the Events Surrounding Sandy Hook.” James Tracy sincerely apologizes to readers for any confusion caused by the posting of this article.

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