Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Curious Case of Sandy Hook Victim, Rachel D'Avino

Rachel D'Aveno was a teacher's aid slain by Adam Lanza during his rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, so the mainstream news media reported.

She had been employed at Sandy Hook for only one week prior to her death.

Such a short time. Few people at the school would have been aware of her existence.

In fact, did she exist at all?

On his facebook page, a Mike D'Avino has posted photos of his neices, Sarah and Rachel D'Avino.

They look rather alike. In fact, it has been claimed that they are identical.

Monozygotic twins? The media have never mentioned that.

Sister and Mother, Sarah and Mary D'Aveno receive
Presidential Citizens Medal on behalf of their sister
and daughter, Rachel. Image Source.

Reddit Photo Of Slain Sandy Hook Teacher's Empty Seat
At Christmas Dinner Gets Harsh Response. Image source.

This is reminiscent of the claim that Adam Lanza was really Ryan Lanza.

Was Sandy Hook a hoax?

Or is the evidence of a hoax a hoax? Which would mean there was a real massacre made to look like a hoax.

Or was it a hoax massacre, with faked evidence intended to make it appear faked, so anyone questioning the evidence would be led to believe that there was a real coverup of a real massacre?

And the point of it all?

According to Richard Cottrell, former member of the European Parliament and author of Gladio: NATO's dagger at the heart of Europe, the purpose is
to intimidate and manipulate ordinary citizens and convince them that the state which is actually behind the commission of these acts is their ultimate protector.
If that is correct, the the strategy of tension is not merely a weapon used by the United States to keep the peoples of Europe behind their puppet masters, the Blairs and Sarkozys, the Camerons and Rajoys, but also to keep the people of the United States behind their puppet Bush's and Obamas.

The broader goal, in all cases, is the racial and cultureal genocide of the European peoples and all those others who come under the control of the US/NATO alliance, leading to the New World Order: a global system of government serving the dynamic components of the plutocratic elite and exercised through well-rewarded military, intelligence, and police instruments, subject to the political control of wholly-owned political assets.

For an outline of how it works, see: Aangirfan, The CIA Run Italy.

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