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Britain's Jewish Government

The cowardice at the heart of Britain's relationship with Israel

While the British Government relentlessly pursues a tri-partisan program of genocide through mass immigration against the English, it remains utterly committed to the nationalist Jewish program of Palestinian settlement.

Close friends and allies: Prime Minister David Cameron shaking hands with Israeli Ambassador to Britain, Daniel Taub - Israel must take heed of its friends
Close friends and allies: Prime Minister David Cameron shaking hands with Israeli Ambassador to Britain, Daniel Taub  Photo: EPA
It is impossible to understand the modern Conservative Party without a grasp of the scale and profundity of its links to the state of Israel. The connection dates back at least as far the historic meeting between the great Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann and the Conservative prime minister A J Balfour in 1905, during which Weizmann convinced Balfour of the case for a Jewish national state.

The warmth forged 107 years ago is today sustained by the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI). Some 80 per cent of all Tory MPs are members, including most Cabinet ministers. No other lobbying organisation – and certainly not one that acts in the interests of a foreign country – carries as much weight at Westminster. Every year, it takes a significant number of parliamentarians to Israel. Meanwhile, its sponsors play an important role in financing both the Tories nationally, and MPs at the local level.

There is no doubt that the CFI has exercised a powerful influence over policy. The Conservative politician and historian Robert Rhodes James, writing in the Jerusalem Post in 1995, called it “the largest organisation in Western Europe dedicated to the cause of the people of Israel”. Its power has not waned since. On Tuesday, it hosted approximately 100 Tory MPs, including six Cabinet ministers, and a further 40 peers, at a lunch in central London. The speaker was David Cameron, who pronounced himself a “passionate friend” of Israel, making clear (as he has done in the past) that nothing could break that friendship.

This speech can be seen as part of a pattern. The CFI can call almost at will upon the Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer or Foreign Secretary. The Palestinians enjoy no such access. They would be lucky to get a single Conservative MP in the audience for their events, and perhaps some moribund peer to make an address. There is no such organisation as the Conservative Friends of Palestinians.

This lack of even-handedness reflects itself in policy. When William Hague denounced Israel’s 2006 invasion of Lebanon as “disproportionate”, the CFI (as I revealed in a film on the pro-Israeli lobby for Channel 4’s Dispatches) complained in person to David Cameron. It obtained a promise that the word would never be used again – one that was kept when Israel bombarded Gaza last month, even though the number of Palestinian deaths vastly exceeded those on the Israeli side.

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Prime Minister David Cameron: “My belief in Israel is unbreakable and
commitment to Israel’s security is non-negotiable.” Note: Britain has no formal
treaties with Israel and Israel has made no commitment whatever to the
security of Britain.

But the Labor Party is no less adamant in its commitment to the welfare of the state of Israel.
Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) is a Westminster based pro-Israel lobby group working within the British Labour party which exercises significant influence over British Middle East policy. It is considered one of the most prestigious groupings in the party and is seen as a stepping stone to ministerial ranks by Labour MPs. LFI boasts some of the wealthiest supporters of the party, and some of its most generous donors, such as Lord Sainsbury of Turville, Michael Levy, Sir Trevor Chinn and Sir Emmanuel Kaye [1]. Two of its leading members, Michael Levy, and David Abrahams, have been embroiled in major scandals involving the New Labour government in recent years. [2] Both Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have been members of the group. Source: Spinwatch
While Labour originally carried a reputation for having more voices sympathetic to the Palestinians – especially during the Thatcher years – the New Labour government of Tony Blair has reversed this orientation. Although one of Tony Blair’s first acts after becoming an MP in 1983 was joining LFI, the relationship truly developed in the early 90s, when as shadow Home Secretary, Tony Blair met Michael Levy at a private meeting at the latter’s house. Michael Abraham Levy is a former chairman of the Jewish Care Community Foundation, a member of the Jewish Agency World Board of Governors, and a trustee of the Holocaust Educational Trust. [7] According to Andrew Porter of The Business, Levy expressed his willingness “to raise large sums of money for the party” which led to a “tacit understanding that Labour would never again, while Blair was leader, be anti-Israel" SourceWatch
Over the last year, Tel Aviv-based think tank The Reut Institute has offered a lot of advice to supporters of Israel in the West on how to respond to “the erosion in Israel’s diplomatic status” (aka ‘delegitimization‘), including a focus “on engaging the hearts and minds of liberal progressive elites”.

A recent report looked specifically at London, saying “liberal and progressive left” voices are the ones “most effective” in shielding Israel. Reut urged Israel’s defenders to “substantively engage liberal and progressive circles” by “responding to their concerns and building personal relationships”.

Now it has been reported that Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) is set to “re-invent itself” in order to “develop the ‘progressive case’ for Israel”. Jews For Justice for Palestinians
Labor Friends of Israel (LFI), a powerful group within the country’s main opposition party, is still behaving like a secret society.

Unlike a similar “friends of Israel” group belonging to the Liberal Democrats – the junior party in the ruling coalition - the LFI does not appear to have supplied any information about the sources of its finances to the UK’s Electoral Commission. This lack of disclosure could be illegal. Legislation applying to “members’ associations” of political parties stipulates that all donations above £7,500 ($11,600) must be notified to the Commission within 30 days.

Today, I asked Ben Garrett, the LFI’s head of policy and research, why his organization seems to be breaking the law. “I am not willing to comment,” he replied. 21st Century British Nationalism
Then there's the Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel, who are currently concerned about, among other things, bias against Israel in the British House of Lords:
What struck me is how much the House of Lords talks about Israel and the Palestinians, far more than a country the size of Wales, with seven million citizens, would merit. Lord Monroe Palmer, former LDFI chairman

UKIP, according to their web site:
supports the only true democracy in the Middle East which provides a homeland for the Jewish people, to excersise their right to self-determination. Source."

UKIP, one might have thought, would be more concerned about Britain providing a homeland for the British, but if so, one would probably have been wrong. 

And anyhow, why this terrific love affair and concern for a country believed to possess several hundred nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them to all capitals in Europe, and where a reputable scholar has announced that these weapons will used to take down the world before the state of Israel is conquered:

Our [Israel's] armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under. Martin van Creveld, professor of military history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
And why this love affair with a state of which the religious authorities deride the religious tradition of Britain and the rest of Europe and applaud the Islamic takeover of Europe.

And why no such love affair with any other country. For example Britain's wartime allies, France, Russia, the US, or the Commonwealth countries such as Canada and New Zealand?

Certainly the preference for Israel can have nothing to do with the Jewish Holocaust, since the leaders of all three of Britain's leading political parties are staunch advocates of a policy of genocide against their own people, this policy to be effected by a combining the repressed fertility of the indigenous population with a program of mass immigration. As a result, London, once the largest city in the World, with about 8 million English inhabitants, now has barely three and a half million English residents, who live as a minority among four and a half million people of 300 other ethnicities.

The city of Leicester, located at the heart of England, is majority non-English, and in England's second city, Birmingham, English elementary school children are not even the largest minority.

So what's with these friends of Israel, other than being been bought and paid for agents of a foreign power?

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