Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nicolas Sarkozy, NWO Agent for the Destruction of the European Peoples, Joins Tony Blair in Receipt of JP Morgan payoff

Since the emergence of Western democracy it has been the standard practice for hidden powers to pay politicians for services rendered only after the political agent has left office, thereby eliminating any risk to either party of being charged with bribery.

The recipient, while in office, can be confident of  receiving a payoff because the future credibility of those making the payment depends on their living up to past obligations. No promises need be made, no agreements must be entered into. For those who sell their soul to the Devil and betray their country in the interests of the money power, compensation is automatic.

This form of bribery was noted byThomas Macaulay in his History of England Since the Accession of James II (1849), and also by the American historian, Carroll Quigley in his great work Tragedy and Hope (1966). 

It is appropriate that the payoff to both Sarkozy and Blair for their genocidal work (and here, and here) on behalf of the New World Order is made by JP Morgan, since as Carroll Quigley recorded, JP Morgan played a central role in the formation of the Council on Foreign Relations, the public face of the New World Order.

For Tony, the pay off has been a handsome $2,000,000 plus per year for, well, bugger all one would think based on his banking qualifications. And for Sark it'll be $200,000 per hour, which seems a bit rich for a dinky shyster born of immigrant parents and first known to the world by the name of Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sárközy de Nagy-Bocsa. Two hundred thousand hours of penal servitude for zero remuneration would have seemed more appropriate.

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