Monday, January 9, 2012

Emma West, immigration and the Liberal totalitarian state: Part 3

Robert Henderson

Emma West appeared at Croydon magistrates court on 3rd January.  She  will stand trial  on  two racially aggravated public order offences, one with intent to cause fear. She will next appear in court  – Croydon Crown Court -  on 17 February 2012.

The  charge with “intent to cause fear” arises because a passenger, Ena-May Eubanks, claims Miss West  hit her left shoulder  with a closed fist.   This charge comes under section 31A  of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 ( It carries a potential sentence on  conviction on indictment of  “imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to a fine, or to both”.

Anyone who has watched the video on YouTube will think the idea that she intended to cause fear when she was a white woman surrounded by hostile ethnic minorities laughable.    The CPS are clearly playing the pc game by hitting her with the most severe charges possible.  (The official line on what is a racially aggravated offence can be found at

Miss West has yet to plead,  but the fact that she  has opted for a  Crown Court trial (which will mean the case is heard before a jury) rather than a hearing in a magistrates court strongly suggests  she will plead not guilty (   This is because she  risks a heavier sentence in the Crown Court and it would make little sense to opt for  the case to be heard in the Crown Court if she does  not intend to plead not guilty.  There is of course the danger that she may be intimidated into pleading guilty by the promise of a lighter sentence.

Her bail conditions are  that “she does not travel on a tram within Croydon and Sutton, lives and sleeps  at her home address and does not comment on the case.” (

Bearing  in mind that Miss West was remanded in custody against her will for “her own safety”, it does seem rather rum that the same court is insisting she stays in her own house when her address was read out in open court.

The ban on travel on the local tram system could  be pretty penal. She has two small children and the tram system may be the only means she has of taking them with her when she has to leave her house.

Her  blanket gagging so she cannot comment on the case is remarkable.   Engaging in any of the following can  breach the sub judice rules and constitute  contempt of court:

1. obtaining or publishing details of jury deliberations;
2. filming or recording within court buildings;
3. making payments to witnesses;
4. publishing information obtained from confidential court documents;
5. reporting on the defendant’s previous convictions;
6. mounting an organized campaign to influence proceedings;
7. reporting on court proceedings in breach of a court order or reporting restriction;
8. breaching an injunction obtained against another party;
9. anticipating the course of a trial or predicting the outcome; or
10. revealing the identity of child defendants, witnesses or victims or victims of sexual offences. (

Only   4, 6, 7, 8 would seem to have any application in the context of banning her from commenting on the case.  Number 9 might  seem to have relevance,  but by pleading one way or the other the outcome of a case is anticipated. It would be absurd if it applied to a defendant.

Nos  4,6, 7,8 could have been dealt with by banning those specific acts, although it is unlikely she would be in a position to do these things. For example, it is wildly improbable  she could mount an organised campaign to influence proceedings.   It is also true that cases can be discussed while a case is active in the context of a discussion of public affairs, for example, it would be acceptable to discuss Miss West’s case as part of an examination of how the justice system treats black on white offences compared with white on black offences.

What does her  general gagging  tell us?  Simple. The liberal elite are truly terrified that the politically correct house of cards they have built will be blown over if any of the vast resentment and anger at mass immigration and its consequences  within the native British population is allowed into the public fold.


  1. I have, along with many other ethnic Britons, been warning of this lob-sided totalitarianism which, precisely as it happened in every African Nation, has emancipated the very regimes that gave them prosperity, freedoms, education, health and a myriad of other modern benefits that their own despots deny them. As dubiously legal immigrants to this once fine nation, they now claim rights and privileges never given and definitely not earned through their endeavours.
    This woman showed fear, was full of angst and not a single Knight strode to her defence.

  2. Yes. The other White mother fought with her instead of trying to comfort her like a sister. Another White woman went to the aid and comfort of the big African male sitting behind her who had a moment before thought strongly to attack her White sister Emma physically.

    I have made some videos from the original video and worked extensively with the images. There were three main emotions on her face throughout: Anger, fear, and grief. Mostly grief.

    Search "Emma West tribute" on YouTube to see some good Emma West monkeywrenches for the anti-White and anti-English zeitgeist. Or here is one:

    They talk about the "crime" of "causing fear." It is clear that Emma West was the one who was afraid from the beginning. And based on the behavior of the one behind her, and the recent riots in her neighborhood, and the crime statistics, and the immigrant invasion -- why would a young English mother not be afraid not on trams.

    1. You read more into the video than I do.

      It seems to me that Emma West's comments were inappropriate under the circumstances, but from an English person who has seen the English largely eradicated from her neighborhood and who is under emotional stress or in an abnormal state of mind, her comments are understandable. Moreover, I seen nothing racist or threatening about them. She is stating what she seems to believe -- more or less correctly, it appears -- are facts about the ethnic cleansing of the community in which she lives.