Sunday, October 16, 2011

Co-opting Occupy Wall St.

Is the Occupy Wall St. movement being co-opted, asks Prof. Michel Chossudovsky?

the report that Trikileaks founder, Julian Assange, addressed the London protest from the steps of St Pauls cathedral, should help focus attention on this question.

Assange, remember, is an admirer of the Australian pornographer, Poop Murdoch.

Assange earned the admiration of certain former CIA operatives who named him winner of the Sam Adams Award for "integrity in intelligence."

Assange claims to be a whistleblower, but he finds those who question the official US Government narrative on 9/11 "annoying."

With Assange and the American Nazi Party bidding for leadership roles in the movement, folks sure need to be wary about where Occupy Wall St. and its various spin-offs are heading.

And now President Obama and the Chinese Communist Party have added their voices to those who support OWS!

Speaking at the dedication of a new Memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King on Washington's National Mall, the President said:
Dr King would want us to challenge the excesses of Wall Street without demonising those who work there.

"Would want us to challenge?"

Is this guy some sort of lone, powerless protestor, whose best effort is to wave a hand-made placard or make a speech?
Oh, and do make sure not to demonize the bastards who destroyed your country, loaded you with impossible debt, turned you out of your home and who have long since prepared safe havens where they can enjoy their ill-gotten billions safe from disturbance by the angry cries of the dispossessed losers such as Occupy Wall St. protesters.
Or is this dude supposed to be in charge of something. You know, able to do something, propose laws, bring to bear all the powers of the executive branch of government to end corruption, reform laws and impose necessary regulation.

But no. Apparently, the best we can expect from President Hopey Changey is that he will challenge the destruction of the nation by the ruthless, and limitlessly greedy bankers who stuff his pockets and who funded his election.

Occupy Wall St.

Bring it on.

Overturn the tables of the money changers. Set free the pigeons!

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