Monday, August 1, 2011

Why Too Much Diversity May Be Bad For Your Economic Wellbeing

the effect of genetic diversity on income
per capita, adjusted for institutional, cultural, and geographical factors

While globalists, intent on destroying the power of trades unions and driving down wages, work in collaboration with their liberal "anti-racist" enablers for unrestricted human migration from the poorest parts of the World to the rich western nations, few have given serious thought to the consequences of the resulting irreversible destruction of the indigenous peoples of Western nations as racial, cultural and religious entities.

But now we have it from a study sponsored by the National Bureau for Economic Research that enhancing genetic diversity through mass migration from poor countries to rich may be detrimental to the economic well being of the recipient nations. Conversely, it appears, the genetic impact of migration from the rich countries to at least some poor, unlikely though that is to occur, could enhance the economic potential of the recipient countries.

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