Monday, August 8, 2011

London riots Update August 9

These riots were about race. Why ignore the fact? Telegraph
High end looting... it's all the riot NZ Herald
Tottenham's young people are rioting as they see no future Gruniard
They evidently see a future in theft and violence
Riots spread: Birmingham, Nottingham, Liverpool and Bristol ABC News
Gangsta Britain: people forced to strip by looters Daily Mail
Keep away from Britain! Governments warm Daily Mail
UK Riots: 16,000 Officers and Plastic Bullets Daily Mail
If you see a fed... SHOOT! The Age
London riots: 'This isn't a protest.. it's madness' Mirror
Destabilization by social media comes to Britain Bloomberg
The London Mob Rules Vancouver Sun
Rioting spreads to Birmingham Express and Star
* Shop windows in the city centre smashed, clothes and mobile phones stolen
* Thugs with knives running through the street, photographer beaten up
* Police tonight condemned the thugs: Arresting them would be more use
David Cameron cancels holiday to deal with London riots Herald Sun
London violence raises 2012 Olympic concerns
England cricket team stranded by rioters in Birmingham Herald Sun
Red sky at night, Tottenham's alight - as looters get to work Daily Mail
* Furniture to die for
* This wasn't a protest - it was shopping with violence
Tottenham: a community blighted by drugs and gun crime Telegraph
Riots go city wide Telegraph
Rolling coverage of the third night of London violence Telegraph
Tottenham: Our community was dying. now it's dead Mirror

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