Tuesday, August 9, 2011

English riots: Update August 10

London police ordered to stand and observe' as capital burned Daily Mail
"These bastards are not English" RT
Policing seems to work The Daily Mash
London descends into anarchy Melanie Phillips
Bleeding, I called 999. A tired man told me to go home Andrew Gilligan, The Telegraph
Even looters with Blackberrys can be ‘poor’ Liberal Conspiracy
London burns; Tripoli calm Global Research
London riots: 'we can't cope', police admit Telegraph
As rioters looted and burned their way through London’s shopping centres and high streets for a third successive night, Scotland Yard’s 6,000 street officers were hopelessly outmanoeuvred.
Middle class people worried about job security sign up for course in looting Daily Mash
Eng-a-land swings like a pendulum: Riots create image problems YaYa Canada
Smoking or not, Mark Duggan’s gun was loaded John Ward
Now in Manchester and the Midlands Daily Mail
Trouble flares in Salford, Wolverhampton and West Bromwich‎ Guardian
Spirit of the Blitz: London fights back Telegraph
Business calculates the cost of rioting FT
There's the upside. It may make the GDP growth number positive again

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