Saturday, July 9, 2011

Murdoch closes crime-tainted Sunday tab, opens new one with same staff

Wrinkled Rupe
On Thursday afternoon, James Murdoch told executives of NewsCorp, aka NewsCrap, the media company headed by his father, the wrinkled Rupert Murdock, aka Rupe the Poop, of the decision to shutter the 168-year-old British sex-and-scandal Sunday tabloid the News of the World.

The paper, the best selling publication in the NewsCrap empire, is at the center of a criminal phone-hacking scandal that has damaged the reputation not only of NewsCrap, but of Prime Minister David Cameron who hired the newspaper's now-in-custody former Editor, Andy Coulson, as the Conservative Party's Director of Communications.

"Under pressure to quell the scandal and preserve a lucrative deal for a pay-television company," the New York Times reports, "James Murdoch argued that closing the newspaper was necessary to restore respect to the company."

Respect. Respect? Who the hell respects Poop Murdoch's NewsCrap, publisher of Turn On TV, Xplicit XXX and Adult Nightly among more than a dozen other specialty porno channels offered, via Poop's B-Sky-B satellite service, along with The God Channel, Teachers TV and The Gospel Channel.

Can you say humbug, hypocrite, or son-of-a-bitch?


But the real joke is this. Poop's gonna get your respect for NewsCrap by closing the News of the World, sales of 2.8 million, and replacing it with a Sunday edition of the Sun, aka the Wanker's Friend, sales of 2.8 million, assuming Sunday sales match weekday sales.

In other words, Poop and lil' Jimmy, Son-of-Poop, are gonna get your respect by changing the name of the News of the World to the Sunday Wanker.


Then they think that wanker David Cameron, who they own, will have no trouble stick-handling their $12 billion deal to acquire sole ownership of the porn channel provider B-Sky-B around the political obstacles.


But remember this. Lil' Jimmy and his Dad Poop, aren't just small-time pornographers. They play every side of the street, Porn, God squad, the Wall Street Journal, Fix News, the Times of London.

Yeah, these people are heavyweight sons-of-bitches. They make and break governments. And the Poops never saw a war for Israel, oil or world empire that they didn't like. Nothing like a war to boost newspaper sales.

Now, ex UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown says Murdoch's Sunday Times used 
con tricks to obtain bank details and legal documents relating to a flat he bought.

He also said he did not understand how The Sun, another Murdoch paper, obtained information that his son had cystic fibrosis, adding that when the tabloid splashed the news on its front page in 2006 he was left "in tears".

"I'm shocked, I'm genuinely shocked to find that this happened because of their links with criminals, known criminals who were undertaking this activity, hired by investigators who were working with the Sunday Times," he told the BBC.
 Looks like closing all the Murdoch papers will be necessary to "restore respect to the company."



  1. It would be good if advertisers were to boycott all sections of the media when they tell lies. But it won't happen.

    - Aangirfan

  2. Good idea if readers boycotted the liars too!

  3. It is amazing with the internet that so many people still use M$M to get spoon fed lies.

    More so from a company that hacks a phone being used in a murder investigation.

    Boycott, huh. As Pink Floyd said 'GET HIM UP AGAINST THE WALL'

    Low Plains Perspective