Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hackgate Update July 22, 2011

A real history of Rupert Murdoch CounterPunch
Ronnie and Reggie, Robert and Rupert CounterPunch
More about top people and the Kray Twins Aangirfan
NewsCorp agent, Jonathan Rees, obtained information using Masonic police contacts Guardian, Via Murdoch's Nest of Vipers
Exclusive: News Corp executive suspected of "orchestrating" leak Reuters
Murdoch Jr’s "evidence" survives just 72 hours The Slog
ECHELON Dwarfs Murdoch's NotW hacking
Two senior NewsCorp execs. turn on James Murdoch The Independent
Records and emails suggest that Coulson knew of police bribes Reuters
Forget hacking, kids are starving The Sun!
The Case Against Piers Morgan Gawker
Ex Mirror journalist: many stories came from hacking celebrity voice mail Guido Fawkes' Blog
Under Rebekah Brooks, the NotW said to have used entirely fictitious front page stories More About Advertising
Andy Coulson's limited security clearance at No 10 'breathtaking' Guardian
Pressure mounts on Cameron over Coulson's security level Guardian
Sun editor fired over allegations of serious wrongdoing BSkyB
Rebekah Brooks's husband's computer "accidentally" thrown out Daily Kos
University of East Anglia hired now-jailed NotW editor for "reputational management"! Climate Audit
Neil Wallis Connection To The CLIMATE GATE HACKED EMAILS 2009 Keith Olbermann/YouTube
New computer hacking claims linked to News International The Telegraph
James Murdoch: those fired low-level NotW guys are lying about me Reuters
At the End of the Day: PMT and me The Slog

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