Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Outrageous Bureaucrats No. 79: US Immigration Officials Torment Elderly British Cruise Ship Passengers

British Cruise Ship Passengers Get the Full US Gestapo Treatment

Elderly British cruise ship passengers felt like arrivals to Guantanamo Bay when they were forced to endure seven hours of immigration checks at Los Angeles docks. ...

When passengers aboard the luxury P&O liner Arcadia arrived at Los Angeles on May 26 it was already their 10th stop at a U.S. port. ...

With 15 planned stops at the country's ports, they had all been thoroughly checked and completed forms for multiple-entry visas. So many were surprised when officials at LA forced them to go through stringent border controls all over again. ...

Officials insisted each passenger be subjected to detailed passport checks, extensive background interviews, and full biometric checks, including fingerprints and retina scans.

Then, to make matters worse, the immigration officials' computer broke down, forcing the weary travellers to wait even longer.

John Randall, 60, a retired dentist from Wigan, told the Telegraph: 'A couple of passengers got a bit stroppy about having to go through all the rigmarole again and these petulant officials decided to take revenge.' ...

With temperatures hitting as high as 80F and no food or water, the elderly passengers were 'herded like animals', the Telegraph reported, causing some to pass out and leaving others confused and bewildered.

According to the paper, when one lady asked whether she could go to the toilet, an immigration officer allegedly answered: 'Do it over the side, we won't mind.' ...

That'll teach 'em to go idly visiting the United States of Aggression. 

And if those geriatric tourists have any self respect they'll tell the US Immigration Service to fuck off and tell the Captain of the Arcadia to said directly for home.

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