Thursday, May 19, 2011

Turtles All The Way Down: Deep Fractal Zoom

By CanSpeccy

And here's the deepest Madelbrot Set zoom ever, which reveals a curious optical illusion. If you stop the video just after four minutes, the image does not seem still, but shrinks, e.g., at 4:36. Does anyone know why?

There is another striking fractal animation here at the FractalJourney.blogspot. Also see the blog.


  1. In response to my question as to why the image of expanding concentric rings appears to shrink when the video stops, my son suggests that this is the same phenomenon as observed when you rotate on the spot and then stop abruptly, only to see the world continue spinning around you.

    But in that case, if you were rotating to the left, the world appears to continue rotating around you to the right, whereas the colored rings contract when the video stops, rather than continuing to expand as this analogy would lead one to expect -- would it not?

  2. As I now realize, the after effect is evident following most if not all sequences in both videos. It lasts for up to at least five seconds.

  3. If you follow the YouTube button below the first animation, you will see that the optical illusion noted above has been widely noticed. But no explanation is provided! It is said that for some people the effect persists for up to thirty seconds.

    It does interesting things for the abstract painting of a Darmstadt Rose on my office wall.