Friday, May 6, 2011

Pakistan Warns US Over Airspace

US then promptly murders 8 Pakistanis in drone attack
by Tony Cartalucci

Source: The Land Destroyer Blog, Friday May 6, 2011
Bangkok, Thailand May 6, 2011 - Much to Wired writer Spencer Ackerman's credit, amidst the first several paragraphs of his article, "First Drone Strikes Since Bin Laden Raid Hit Pakistan, Yemen," it is noted that after Pakistan's warnings and demands that the US cease and desist from violating its airspace, the US's subsequent drone attacks made the Pakistanis "look either complicit — and, hence, hypocritical — or incompetent." While the article continues by covering the official narrative citing the Soros-funded New American Foundation and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies' propagandist mouthpiece "Long War Journal," this initial moment of clarity strikes at the very center of America's use of drone attacks in Pakistan.

The global corporate-financiers that fund organizations like the New American Foundation and the FDD are quite clear in regards to their designs regarding Pakistan, and indeed all sovereign nations on earth outside their sphere of military and economic hegemony. Selig Harrison of the Soros funded Center for International Policy has published two pieces specifically calling for carving off Pakistan's Baluchistan province, not as part of a strategy to win the "War on Terror," but as a means to thwart growing relations between Islamabad and Beijing. ...

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