Friday, April 15, 2011

The US Senate: Israel' Bitch?

U.S. Senate unanimously calls on U.N. to rescind Goldstone

The resolution passed by unanimous vote! Let me never hear one more God damn person even suggest that Washington is not owned lock, stock and barrel by the Israeli Lobby. Each of these Senators are now complicit in the cover-up of Israel’s war crimes during Operation Cast Lead, a massacre that murdered 1400 Palestinians, including 300 children. ...

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  1. In fact, it's not that Israel controls the US Congress, but that the same Zionist elite controls both the US and Israel, and on questions relating to Israel's right to compel the Palestinians to live like dogs, they demand absolute discipline.

  2. That should read:

    Israel's right to compel the Palestinians to live or die like dogs

  3. Why is it that most every politician goes to Israel?

    I am not in disagreement. Is this where the legion of Doom is headquartered? Is Israel a scape goat?

    "Low Plains Perspective"

  4. "Why is it that most every politician goes to Israel?"

    Because we have now entered an age of plutocratic global governance and the Israeli regime speaks for the wealth of international Jewry?

    Or is Israel the home of Cecil Rhodes' "Secret Society," now supposedly dead, notwithstanding that its public and propaganda front, the CFR and the Round Table Groups or Royal Institute for International Affairs continue merrily along? Here's the Canadian branch, which in 2007 changed its name to the Canadian International Council.