Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Tea Party Ron Paul Revolution

By Tony Cartalucci

While no personality should be followed, rather the ideals they represent, the necessity to reclaim the Tea Party is apparent. By naming it the "Ron Paul Revolution" it will become virtually impossible to commandeer without conceding to the ideals of Constitutionalism, minimal government, non-interventionism, and ending the Federal Reserve. Impossible indeed would it be to slip in the disingenuous continuation of the doomed ever-convergent left/right agenda.

By battling for the leadership of the Tea Party, now thoroughly infested by Neo-Conservatives and feckless career Republicans, we are needlessly expending our energy. The very name "Tea Party" invites ambiguity amongst which vile infiltrators can peddle agendas nothing at all related to restoring and upholding the US Constitution. In fact, it has allowed the Ron Paul Revolution, from which the Tea Party was spawned, to be pushed back toward the controlled left/right paradigm. ...

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