Wednesday, April 20, 2011

News from our far-flung imperial battle line

Tony Cartalucci: Libyan War Gets Weird

Even those who have studied for years the criminal consolidation of this planet under the global corporate-financier oligarchy may be noticing that the war in Libya is turning into something new and unprecedented. The lies and propaganda have hit an all time high and no article encapsulates this better than the bizarre, grotesque piece out of the New York Times titled, "Inferior Arms Hobble Rebels in Libya War." ...

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Webster Tarpley: Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia Gets Pakistani Military Support vs CIA Color Revolution

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Patrick Buchanan: Are We Allied to a Corpse?

Of our Libyan intervention, one thing may be safely said, and another safely predicted.

When he launched his strikes on the Libyan army and regime, Barack Obama did not think it through. And this nation is now likely to be drawn even deeper into that war.

For Moammar Gadhafi’s forces not only survived the U.S. air and missile strikes, after which we turned the air war over to NATO, his forces have since shown themselves superior to the rebels. Without NATO, the rebels would have been routed a month ago.

And, today, NATO itself stands a chance of being humiliated. ...

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Tom Engelhardt: Sleepwalking Into the Imperial Dark

This can’t end well.

But then, how often do empires end well, really? They live vampirically by feeding off others until, sooner or later, they begin to feed on themselves, to suck their own blood, to hollow themselves out. Sooner or later, they find themselves, as in our case, economically stressed and militarily extended in wars they can’t afford to win or lose. ...

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