Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Deaths of Diana and Sir James: A Sad Coincidence

Aangirfan has an interesting post about those not invited to the Royal wedding, including Tony Blair (Wow, that must have hurt), and about the striking resemblance in facial features between certain members of the Royal family and descendants of Sir James Goldsmith.

The possibility that Prince William is the grandson of Sir James (aka Golden Balls to Private Eye) is interesting. And if true, it would seem to augur well for the future of the Royal family, since Jimmy Goldsmith was a man of both intelligence and idealism, and a little of both would surely be of benefit to a future king.

In this context, it is of interest, perhaps, that Sir James was a staunch opponent of the NWO, launching his own anti-EU party and speaking widely against global free trade (e.g., this interview). Specifically he warned of the massive unemployment and working class impoverishment that would result in the west from unrestricted trade with Asian nations with wages only 3% of those prevailing in the West.

The validity of his warnings have been amply verified by experience in both Britain and America.

What Diana thought of the NWO is not clear, but she was clearly as much of a thorn in the side of the establishment as Sir James.

On July 18, 1977 Goldsmith died in his prime of pancreatic cancer, which kills with great rapidity. Diana died just six weeks later on August 31, 1997.

A sad coincidence.


  1. It has been suggested that "Goldsmith, formerly Goldschmidt, ... served the Brotherhood by launching the Referendum Party in Britain to hijack the anti-European Union opposition and lead it to failure."

    - Aangirfan

  2. This is possible. But I believe Goldsmith's opposition to globalization was genuine. Or at least it was effective.

    In 1994 he opposed the GATT Treaty on the grounds that exposing Western economies to unrestricted competition from Asia where wages were only 3% of those prevailing in the West (now 4%, I believe) would result in mass unemployment and impoverishment, precisely as has happened.

    The EU, I admit is a totally different proposition to the GATT, but like the GATT it represents a major step toward globalization that has opened British industry to competition from relatively low-wage East European countries and the British work-force to direct competition from unlimited immigration of East European labor.

    Although it is true that the Referendum Party went nowhere, was not UKIP its successor? Had Goldsmith's life not been so unexpectedly cut short, he might have made UKIP into an effective political force -- derailing the BNP (a security services operation, I suspect) and opening the way for the majority of the British population to vote for a non-fascist nationalistic party.

  3. Prince William I'm sure is definitely Sir James Goldsmith grandson - this bodes so well for the future of the Royal Family and he will bring about the changes that are necessary for it to prosper for hundreds of years.