Sunday, April 3, 2011

Canadian food inspection agency refuses to test milk for radio-active iodine

“Canadian health agencies have no immediate plans to measure the amount of radiation in milk following Japan’s nuclear crisis despite the demands of B.C. dairy farmers who want officials to follow the U.S. and test dairy products.

“There will be no testing of milk,” Alice Danjou, a spokeswoman for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, said Friday.

The news came as a disappointment to Robin Smith, executive director of the BC Milk Producers Association, which earlier this week called on the agency to test the milk in an effort to prove to the public the levels are low enough to consume. ...

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There you are. The Government knows best. Nothing to worry about. Just get on and drink your milk. We don't want a panic that could ruin the dairy industry and generate a demand for a government bailout.

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