Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Briefly: War, Real Estate Collapse and Fukushima

Independent Investigators Report "No sign Gaddafi bombed Tripoli - NATO wages war on false claims" (RT Video Interview)

Putin: Is NATO to bomb everyone?

In a tirade against the West, Putin said the coalition had gone beyond the bounds of U.N. Security Council resolution and taken sides against Gaddafi, whose actions he suggested did not justify foreign interference.

"They said they didn't want to kill Gaddafi. Now some officials say, yes, we are trying to kill Gaddafi," Putin said during a visit to Denmark. "Who permitted this, was there any trial? Who took on the right to execute this man?"

He called Gaddafi a monarch but said that kind of rule "overall answers to the mentality of the population" in the region.

"Is there a lack of such crooked regimes in the world? What, are we going to intervene in all these conflicts? Look at Africa, look at Somalia. ... Are we going to bomb everywhere and conduct missile strikes?" ...

Median US Real SFH Prices Retreat To 1970′s Levels

[from chartoftheday.com]

Prof. Chris Busby: Fukushima Cannot Be Sealed Like Chernobyl - Massive Amounts of Radioactive Material Will  Goes Into the Sea (RT Video Interview)

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