Saturday, July 7, 2018

Trump in Europe: the Reaction of the Intelligent Left

Craig Murray is an exceptionally bright person with sometimes very strange ideas. But when he gets things right, he gets them right with great clarity and precision of language. In a blog post today, Murray is at his best explaining the total bogosity of the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria, and the viciousness of those who sought to use that faked war crime as a pretext for bombing the Hell out Syria:

Yesterday the OPCW reported that, contrary to US and UK assertions in the UN security council, there was no nerve agent attack on jihadist-held Douma by the Syrian government, precisely as Robert Fisk was execrated by the entire media establishment for pointing out. The OPCW did find some traces of chlorine compounds, but chlorine is a very commonly used element and you have traces of it all over your house. The US wants your chicken chlorinated. The OPCW said it was “Not clear” if the chlorine was weaponised, and it is plain to me from a career in diplomacy that the almost incidental mention is a diplomatic sop to the UK, US and France, which are important members of the OPCW.
Murray characterizes Trump's missile strike in Syria in reaction to "yet more lying claims by the UK government funded White Helmets and Syrian Observatory," as "foolish." That, however is about as mild a criticism as one could make, and reflects the reality that Trump's reaction to Britain's bogus claims of Syrian chemical weapons use was as bogus as the claim to which it responded.

 Indeed, Trump's rocket attack on alleged chemical weapons production facilities, caches, and research facilities in Syria was undoubtedly intended in mockery of America's warmongering Neocons, consisting as it did, of a  bunch of obsolete missiles fired at empty buildings and followed by a mocking reiteration of George Dubya Bush's ludicrous Iraq-war, "Mission Accomplished" claim.

What is to be seen in Murray's comments about Trump, are, I think, two things:

First, a rejection of the vicious, disgusting, and nihilistic behavior of the never-Trump Democrats and their European followers such as Sadiq Kahn, Mayor of London and the representative of Britain's settler Muslim immigrants.

Second, an acknowledgment that Trump may prove to be what he claims to be, namely, a champion of the common people, both of  America and Europe. As to that, the truth remains to be seen. But it must be remembered that the ship of state turns slowly, especially when, as in the US, it has been stacked with traitors and saboteurs determined to obstruct the present administration in every way possible.

In the US, however, the trend, is in the right direction:  unemployment is down, wages are rising, investment in US manufacturing is booming. And in Europe, Trump’s clearly hold's in contempt the Treason class, headed by the three M’s, May, Merkel and Micron, while he gives every encouragement to those in Eastern Europe, Italy and elsewhere who oppose the flooding of Europe with pseudo refugees of an alien race, religion and culture.

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