Thursday, March 8, 2018

Why the Left Wants a Non-White America

Hubert Collins, American Renaissance, March 11, 2017
Less white means more left.
recent exchange between Tucker Carlson of Fox News and Univision anchorman Jorge Ramos—“This is not a white country”—marks a significant turning point: Suddenly people on national television are talking about the end of white America, the rising tide of color, and what demographic change really means. White advocates may owe Señor Ramos a “thank you” for his forthright Hispanic chauvinism, which forces whites to think seriously about dispossession. Too many whites would rather look the other way, and since Fox News won’t (yet) invite Jared Taylor to talk about it, Señor Ramos will have to do.
Entirely aside from his dreams of reconquista, Jorge Ramos and others on the left want America to become non-white so that it moves further to the left, so that Democrats can win more elections. To put it simply: Less white means more left. Leftists, particularly Hispanic ones, talk about this openly.
What the advocates of less white want is MACA, which is to say: Make America Colored Again.

It's simply race war driven by racist blacks and Hispanics. Political ideology doesn't come into it except insofar as the left is anti-white.

And in Africa:

News 24: South African Pol.: We are cutting the throat of whiteness.


  1. This is weird. I mean seriously.

    Close to four decades ago (!) I was working in a Ford Motor Company parts plant, the steel downsizing at the time temporarily detaining my main trade. I was supplying the parts to the Ontario plant that made (almost) all the police cars in the USA in that era -- the great old Crown Victoria.

    Anyway the "make America colored again" got me remembering a reaction somebody near me made about "Watch out for 1992, guys!"

    It was a gag, or maybe not. An early conspiracy buff made the point that Columbus didn't "discover" the Americas, they were very well-known but a closely guarded secret. The whole hemisphere is put into production between regularly-scheduled intervals, and contracted to certain parties for 500 years development, maximum.

    And: Each time, it has to be left in the same condition it was found.

    Sure enough, in 1992 it was like the Multicult Gear went into overdrive. TIME magazine (US) put a picture on its cover shortly after, showing a computer composite of all races producing the face of one young female. The level of "diversity" babble went literally through the roof. Possibly most interesting of all, American cities already overcrowded were taking record levels of new immigrants in from Africa and Asia.

    The "Natives" of the Americas were called a tri-racial mix well before DNA science; but if this, uh, JOKE is true, it was intentionally created.

    The contract ran out in '92, then, so they have to flood the place with as many non-European-derived people as possible. Thus the first big disaster that hits the place will restore only enough survivors to start the tribes that will await the next Columbus...

    I forget how long the interval is supposed to be between contracts, but it's in the millennia range. As high as 10-12,000 years.

    Of course it was a joke.

  2. "the first big disaster that hits the place will restore only enough survivors to start the tribes that will await the next Columbus..."

    With the rise of A.I. and robotics, a population wipe out seems likely.

    After that, the next Columbus, might well be a robot.