Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Strange Death of Liberal Canada

After three dud leaders in a row, Martin, Dion, and Ignatieff, the Liberal Party of Canada made what must have seemed at the time the only possible choice: they picked Justin Trudeau, the man with the big name, the good looks and the lovely family, to lead the party.

Electorally, the decision was a great success. The Liberals finally regained what is the prime objective of every Liberal, namely, power.

For the country, however, as we set forth in an earlier post, it has been a disaster.

Trudeau has not only announced the abolition of the Canadian nation, while declaring immigrants more worthy of Canada than the citizenry, but gone full social justice warrior. He has filled half his cabinet seats with women, based not on merit, but on feminist principle. He has declared war on anti-black racism, as though (a) racism is not as Canadian as maple syrup, and (b) black racism was ever a significant issue in a country with hardly any black people. He presides over a government with a state broadcaster that devotes much of its radio programming to ridiculing the President of the country that accounts for more than two-thirds of Canada's export trade. He has presided over legislation that compels speech, stupid speech at that, which is to say the use of made-up pronouns to refer to a largely invented community of transgender persons. He has personally and publicly insulted a user of the English language for not using the silly made-up word: "peoplekind" in place of "mankind.*" He has ripped off the Canadian taxpayer for an expensive Caribbean family holiday, as the guest of a registered Government lobbyist. His Government has granted a posthumous award of the Order of Canada to Barry Sherman, a suspect in a murder case, who donated to the Liberal Party while a registered Government lobbyist.

To the average member of the Liberal Party of Canada, none of this matters, obviously: power, virtue signalling, and sneering at a Republican American president justifies almost anything. But with Trudeau's just-completed pointless week-long visit to India, his family and an Indian chef from Vancouver in tow, one thing has changed everything. Not only did Trudeau manage to insult his Indian hosts by publicly associating with a Sikh nationalist/separatist assassin, who was even invited to pose for photographs with Trudeau's wife, but unforgivably, he made a complete ass of himself, posing in multiple Indian-themed, fancy dress outfits: thereby resembling, as one commentator remarked, a chameleon in a paint factory.

The outpouring of ridicule must be more than even the most hardened Canadian Liberal could tolerate: Trudeau's time is surely up. To fill his place, another dud will almost certainly be found, Chrystia Freeland, perhaps — unless, that is, the Liberals get a momentary grip on reality and ask Jean Chr├ętien, the best small 'c' conservative prime minister that Canada ever had, to resume command. Indeed, Chr├ętien did promise that, like England's William Ewart Gladstone, he would return in his eighties. Either way, Trudeau's Indian pratfall, surely signals that Liberal Canada is on its deathbed.

March 3, 2017

And Now This:

B.C. Liberal MP now says he didn’t invite Atwal

So Trudeau's pathetic excuse for inviting a Sikh separatist convicted of attempted assassination against an Indian cabinet minister, turns out to be entirely false. 

Time for Trudeau to go. Now.

March 1, 2017

As Terry Glavin reports in NaPo, today, not only has Trudeau reiterated the allegation initially made by an unnamed Canadian security official that India was somehow responsible for the fact that Canadian officials had invited a Canadian Sikh separatist/terrorist/assassin (now reformed, so he claims) to two official functions with the Trudeaus during their family tour of India, but that:
With all the attention paid to a former Khalistani terrorist getting an invitation to that Canadian High Commission gala last Thursday, it was barely mentioned anywhere that a senior executive of India’s venerable Outlook Magazine was brusquely disinvited from the event, while among Trudeau’s official media retinue was an Indo-Canadian journalist who had greeted Modi during his 2015 visit to Canada with placards that read “Modi is a Terrorist” and “India out of Khalistan.”

Khalistan is the name of the theocratic ethnostate a small minority of Sikh separatists want to carve out of India’s Punjab state. Also mercifully overlooked last week: a map of India displayed at last Thursday night’s High Commission party in New Delhi omitted the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir — the shellshocked, heavily militarized Muslim-majority Indian state that Pakistan claims as its own territory. Imagine the Indian High Commission in Ottawa throwing a party and showing off a huge map of Canada with Quebec missing, and you get the picture.
Bizarre, indeed.

* The English word "man" is from the old English term for a human being, male or female, the sexes distinguished by the prefix "wer" for male, "wif" for female. Modern English has dropped the male prefix, but not the female prefix, the latter having mutated from "wif" to "wo."

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OTTAWA—The botched party invitation extended to a convicted attempted murderer by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office has plunged Canada-India relations to an all-time low, says a former Liberal cabinet minister.

“Mr. Trudeau can perhaps salvage our relationship, but I think it hit rock bottom with this. It was already sliding downwards from the moment they got to India,” Ujjal Dosanjh, a former Liberal health minister, ex-premier of British Columbia and one-time provincial attorney general, told The Canadian Press on Thursday.

Dosanjh accused his old federal party of being too close to Sikh separatists even before Trudeau’s Sunday arrival in India. But the invitation issued to Jaspal Atwal for a reception on the India trip cemented that, he added.

Trudeau’s office has said the invitation was a mistake and was rescinded as soon as he was discovered on the guest list for a New Delhi event. However, Atwal showed up at a reception earlier in the week in Mumbai and was photographed with Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, the prime minister’s wife.

Dosanjh said he couldn’t believe what he was seeing when he saw the photograph. 

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