Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Donald Trump: Resolving His Loyalty to Israel, the Jews and America's Blue Collar Class

The US is, and always has been, a plutocracy with a democratic facade. Today, a large proportion if not the majority of richest Americans are Jews, so Jews have a disproportionate influence over American policy, both domestic and foreign.

Jewish influence in America is mediated not only via Congress, the courts, and academia, but by way of a globe-spanning network of megaphones, which include large swaths of the news media, book publishing, entertainments, pornography, and Internet-related industries.

A primary objective of the Jewish influence is a global system largely directed by the Jewish-dominated Money Power. That means the off-shoring of manufacturing from the West to the Rest, thereby maximizing corporate profits, while opening the borders of the West to the Rest to utterly destroy the prosperity of the Western peoples through the import of cheap labor.

A necessary result of the implementation of this policy has been the destruction the fertility of the Western nations through sharp reductions in incomes and a huge increase in competition for living space, particularly housing. Then, just to be quite sure, there's compulsory sex "education" whereby adult teachers, perverts all, one has to assume, teach elementary school kids buggery and how to suck cock.

The objective, clearly, is European genocide.

So what to do?

Use the machinery of fake democracy and make it into a real democracy by mobilizing the blue collar and lower middle classes politically. That's what Hitler did, it's what Donald Trump has done. And that is why Donald Trump is the object of furious hatred from both Democrats and Republicans. He's destroyed their racket.

What remains to be seen is what Trump will do with the power he has acquired. His relationship with the conflicting parties, the Jews and other elements of the Money Power on the one hand and America's blue collar class on the other hand is interesting.

Trump is, so it has been claimed, of Jewish extraction, his daughter is Jewish by conversion, and Trump is a firm backer of Israel and Israel's Jewish nationalists intent on turning all of Palestine, including the occupied territories, into a Jewish state. So Trump is pretty certainly in the Jewish camp.

Donald Trump's mother, Mary Anne MacLeod,
of the Island of Lewis, the Outer Hebrides, U.K.
However, Trump's mother, née Mary Anne McLeod, was a pure-blooded Celt, born on the Island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Moreover, Trump gives every indication of loyalty and affection for his mother's people and perhaps, therefore, for the poor immigrants from all over Europe who created the American settler state and whose descendants make up the majority of America's oppressed blue collar class.

Certainly, it was his appeal to the blue collar class, white, black and khaki, that won Trump election and it will be his ability to deliver on his promises to them that the success or failure of his presidency will be judged.

Which raises the question, how does Trump resolve his commitments to both Jewish interests and white American interests?

There seem to be only two possibilities: by (a) working to strengthen Israel as the permanent, and permanently secure, home of the Jews, while (b) adopting an America first immigration and trade policy.

This, it seems, could work. It creates conditions for the restoration of the fertility of EuroAmericans, while encouraging American Jews either to go home to Israel or become America Firsters, not American traitors.

The big losers are (1) the neoCons and their media and Congressional ilk who will never get over the lost opportunity to use America as the tool with which to conquer the world for Jewish Money-Power-mediated world supremacy; (2) the Palestinians.

It seems to me that Palestine is lost to the Palestinians, just as a large chunk of the West may already have been lost to the Third World. However, there are less than five million Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories, and their fate can be greatly improved in at least two ways.

First, the West might provide a preferential immigration policy for Palestinians, of whom many, and one would hope virtually all, would move to Europe, North America, Latin America, and Australia, where they would no doubt prosper and, furthermore, provide some counterbalance to undue Jewish influence in the West.

Second, the West might seek a deal with one of the North African states to transfer to the Palestinians 20,000 square kilometers of territory to build New Palestine, in return for which the Western nations would pay something like $20 billion for the land. This presumably would be mostly unoccupied desert, so a price of $10,000 per hectare would seem reasonable, although obviously there would be additional payment for existing improvements. In addition, the West would commit to investing $1 trillion over ten years, this cash to be split equally between New Palestine and the country selling the territory. This investment, a rather trivial amount relative to, say, the US military budget, would go for massive solar-powered water desalination plants, and cropland and urban infrastructure development.

Might not Egypt buy into such a project? Would it not be a terrific deal to grant one third of the Sinai to the Palestinians, while seeing two-thirds of the Sinai developed as a high tech urban/agricultural zone accommodating millions of Egypt's teaming masses in cities of superb architectural design, equipped with among the world's finest educational and research facilities, and surrounded by thousands of square kilometers of the world's most advanced agricultural production systems?

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